1 week down

Well, hello there.

It has now been one week working at Grimshaws, an odd week, I hev no Directors at the moment due to an illness of a Kidney and a Honeymoon, neither of which are mine so no celebration or get well cards. I guess once they return I may find out why I was employed and what project I will be working on. So far i have been told about two projects that I may have somethimng to do with and I have been helping out on StPetersburgh Kolvolo Internbational Airport, which is what i thought I was employed for but who Knows.

The office seems friendly enough, Its the biggest office I have worked for at 130 people in London and I will struggle to remember peoples names, let alone faces. Im scared that I may bump into one in the street being a typical Londoner and I might have a go only to meet them in the corridor. Well it will be interesting anyhow.

Congratulations to Paul Herzich for being nomonated for the South Austrlian premiers award, And I will edit this post if i got the name of the prize wrong.

Jane has filled you in on Prague pretty well, ill add a few comments when I upload the photos.

Anyway Im off to the Grimshaw Client party so ill end it here. The office moved into the current premises about 10 months ago and this week there has been a huge flurry of building work and finishing off to complete the fitout for over 400 guests, we are expected to attend and be great ambassadors for the company and are under strict instruction to talk to at least three visitors… I wonder if they will keep tabs on this and weather our pay is dependant on our performance… If so Im going hungry as so far, with only 1 week unedr my belt I think I know nothing about the office or any of the projects. Well I guess I could lie and claim things like the moon and Saturn as Grimshaw projects.


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  1. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Did you have to put out any hair-fires at this party?

  2. Are they serving Vegan Beer?

    Again, Well done and good luck.

    [email protected]

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