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just a quick one to let you all know we are fine and happy.

Last weekend we made the pilgramige out to Gatwick airport to catch up with Diana who was flying through on her way from Germany to the USA after a week visiting her parents in Bremen. Unfortunately somehow after agreeing a place and a time we missed each other, I even put a page out over the air but to no avail so 32 pounds and half a day lost we headed home and relaxed due to the afternoon being washed out again. Im not sure I have said it enough yet , the weather here is rubbish. I cant remember the last dry day we have had. It doesnt rain all day but it does rain everyday. I know you Australians would think this is great, but its not right! its still not right. At least the rain affected commute home is quick and easy as there are no other cyclists on the road.

Jane is having a few dramas at work but equally matched with great achievements. her tender for her first job was almost ignored by the tenderers . Of 5 tenderers only one submitted their tender and it was non complying because it was 20 minutes late. Its no reflection on Jane or the office but more an indication of the quality and professionalism of some British companies. Typical of what we are experiwncing in all of our dealings with corporations. Pure incompetance!

On the upside however she is shining in other parts of her job. She had a competition submission to complete to win a job. While there are a plethora of intricate political intrigues involved in the job, the presentation on Monday went so well that the interviewees stated that based on what they saw Janes office would have the job in their opinion… if it wasnt for the politics! so we shall se. The great part of this isJane and Sarah (the Boss) both presented and therefore Sarah was witness to the good job Jane did. ( of course I knew she would) Jane also learnt a valuable lesson regarding small, interested offices and thet is co-operation and everyone pitching in to help. In fairness Janes office wasnt given enough time as the politics got inthe way, but the office pitched in and got the job done.

Jane is singing at St Pauls this weekend for Sundays evensong. so if anyone is about come on down at 3:15 pm. She hasnt even heard the music so is a little anxious but practice on saturday will aleviate any pressure from her mind… I hope as I need sleep saturday night.

For me not alot has happened. Im riding everyday to and from work except Thursdays as the first thurdsay I rode I nearly died trying to transport the weekly fruit and vegetable home. I had bags hanging of me here and there. If it wasnt fo rthe bright red bike shorts and bike most would think I was a hobo, I think a colour blind person actually threw 50p my way in pitty. Of course I couldnt pick it up as I was carrering doen north road out of control. The ride is now only taking 20-25 minutes which is great as I dont have to get out of bed so early. Going home I take a little longer as I go exploring a little, but as the Tour De Franceland is on I rush home for the daily updates. I really have enjoyed getting back on the peddley, Im not sure how the bike has enjoyed having me ride its back, but its an inanimate object so shouldn’t complain. especially as I sometimes couldnt get my feet out of the cleats and toppled over always in front of cars sitting at traffic lights with nothing better to do than watch the poor dum schmuck fall over. Im also sure someone yelled timber as they watched me struggle to get my foot out of the binding. Of course as soon as you hit the pavement the cleat releases and it appears as there was no reason why I fell down. I guess I appear like the dumbest kid in the world video on Youtube, You have all seen it, if no go have a looksee.

I think I might go to the Red Bull Air race on Saturday while jane is singing, It should only be a twenty minute ride from us. I might even watch it from our juliet balcony as our view is over thet way. I might see Peter Besenyei pull two million G’s up and over Canada Water and the millenium dome, so no need to pay. Oh its great to be in the east. No Australians or Americans or English people. Just poor imigrants and artists. Which category do we fall in. poor or imigrants?

Anyway have a look at our windsor photos

windsor photos  <<<<<<<How clever am I. I made a link! Click here well there anyway<<<<<<


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jane, why are you talking into a TV remote? Also, what’s this about not letting the big kids over to see Legoland? Surely you are not that cruel!

    I wonder what all the poor imigrants and artists think about you being there. “It was a good place, that’s why we came here, no Aussies, yanks or poms. Now we’ve got damn drunken Aussies. One of them was so pissed he fell off his bike!”

    [email protected]

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