Brighton, a seaside pleasure resort!

This is what an English beach looks like, look at the size of the sand, dont wan’t that getting in your pits and cracks

English beach tee hee

 This is the Brighton sea front, a short old surfers paradise. Smells a bit around the food vendors and toilets and English people!

the brighton foreshore

 Hmmm what have I forgotten to put on… Astroboyman!

ahhh whats wrong with me, whats missing

This is what you get when a crazy king has children, they go and build this sort of folley. Even Queen Victoria lived here for a while, complaining that it was very difficult house to bring children up in. (something to do with only 550 square meters per child and 10 servants each… go figure)

crazy kings kids

Standing on the edge of hell, taking a self portrait

the sun is so bright! isn’t it Jane?

This big bastard is actually 3 kilometers away, terradactyl of the sea. (dont stand under a flock of them)

terradactyls of the sea

Jane just did not want to go in or onto the Brighton pier. Arguably Jane’s hell (too many bright lights  loud buzzers, screaming sirens,  and children and Adults who should know better having fun) so she closed her eyes and tried only breathing through her nose with teeth clenched she bravely went where no other Jane monk has gone before.

get me outta here please

 as the day says goodby the nightime rears its ugly neon illuminated face and greets you with a smile as it sucks you into its bowels. A bowel of candy infection, vomit inducing gyration and ear splitting terror

hmmmm Salubrious or what?

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