Canterbury city wall

Canterbury city wall – why do they always surround them with motorways?

Street entry to Cathedral

The entry gates from the winding city streets into the Cathedral complex

Exterior of the Cathedral

The exterior of the Cathedral from the entry gates

Close up exterior

More detail of the Cathedral exterior


The cloisters are my favourite part of the Cathedral!

Interior of Cathedral with old flags

Interior with lovely stained glass window and old flags

Pilgrims’ tunnel

Justin appreciates the ceiling next to the entry to the Pilgrims’ tunnel. This is the location of the murder of Thomas a Becket!

Cathedral Interior

Cathedral interior – location of Becket’s shrine until it was destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII

Cathedral ceiling

Beautiful vaulted ceiling

Painted timber

Painted timberwork

Cathedral interior

Cathedral interior

roman floor

Subterranean roman mosaic floor

inside the canterbury museum

My very own exhibit at the Canterbury Museum!

timber roof structure

Ancient timber roof structure at the Canterbury Museum – restored in the 14th century!

Canterbury castle

Crumbling Canterbury castle

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