A new phase

So Jane and I have entered a the new phase in the London Plan!

For the first time in nearly 4 months we are doing things without each other, how grown up!

Her resignation was taken quite well, though the troublesome Director or misdorector as I like to think of him as didnt come to day goodbye, may have something to do with both of us piling criticism upon him during our reviews, fair criticism, criticism the office has heard before too. Whats up with that. JAne recieved a stunning arrangement of Architectural flowers from some members of staff as her 3 month tenure was too short for the office to officially recognise. Tightasses! They needed guidance as to what were appropriate flowers and what a Architectural bunch was but they did OK. We went out with several members of the staff on Friday night, even though Jane finished officially on the Thursday, the last day of the month she came in on Friday to do a few hours work. We left at 6:45 pm and met the few in or araound Angel. A staff members lcal hangout and friends bar, where the aformentioned staff member made all the girls special drinks and named them after them. There is officially a drink Named after Jane however, everyone was so drunk I dare say knowbody will remember what it was, it had whisky in it though. I want to know where the JP slammer is???

So as I write Jane is at her second interview with Mrs Wigglesworth Architect. After wiggly rang PKS for a reference, Chris trhe good director came and warned Jane that wiggy (If you havent worked it out by now thats what Im going to privately call her) was a bit of a taskmaster and may be a bit too full on. Though Jane has spoken with her for over two hours at her interview and while intense was quite loverly? maybee!

This last week saw the arrival of Tara and Simon from Adelaide. They were over for a wedding just outside London. We caught up with them for dinner on Monday night where typical of them managed to convince the Indian Restaurant to provide a bottle of wine for the girls, and two beers each for the guys. Mind you there were six of us, and to boot they also negotiated 30 percent off the bill. all the Indian we needed for 8 pounds each! bargain! ( Im liking exclamation marks at the moment, by the way!!!   !!!    !!!)

Then Tara Jane and I met for dinner and a catch up on Thursday night and on Sunday the six of us, including Tara and Simons friends ventured over too Richmond. We raced each other on differing methods of Transport as we shopped in the morning at the Spitalfields market. We went by tube they went by Overland and as we were shopping we gave them a 30-40 minute headstart.Little did they know that their service was replaced by busses and the 50 minute trip turned into 2 hours. Our 50 minute trip however turned into about 1.5 hours as replacement bus service hit us too. So we caught up and it cost us a lot less. Small victories I say, small victories!

Richmond was quite enjoyable sitting on the lawned terracing above the Thames river having a picnic watchin the world go by, mostly overhead in jumbos heading to heathrow, trhey were so low I could have serviced the undercarriage if I only had my tools.

After lunch we ventured into Richmond park and for two agonising hours kicked footballs, soccer balls and threw frisbees. The other two boys were about 25 and come from Coffs harbour originally so have that natural Aussie fitness adn desire to run jump and kick. I am 35 or something, a city boy with no desire to leave the comfort of the couch and I may pay the consequences of teaching them how to kick an Aussie rules ball (they are from NSW after all, they kept throwing it backwards?) Ok So I didnt have to teach them much but did make them run as my kiking is a little waywards sometimes.

Anyway, It looks as if Ill take over Janes project at PKS, so its integrity will be torn to shreds when I mess it all up ( only joking honey!)

I have taken ovet the work experience kid as the first day they gave him research into planning histories on a current job… Tossers! So I have him now and I have him working on a real project doing design and drawings and architectural things… Tossers! makes me so mad.

Anyway things are good over here, am making our way in the big world and doing Ok


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3 Responses to A new phase

  1. Insomniac mum says:

    Oh you do make me laugh Justin! You’re a real tonic, as they say in Pommy Land. Hanging out for update from Jane on the Wiggy interview please …..

  2. Adelaides fastest Barina says:

    He he he…… Couldn’t help myself 🙂

  3. Jane says:

    The Drink Named Jane contains whiskey, cherry brandy, a squeeze of orange juice and some burnt orange peel (to release the orange oils apparently), shaken up with ice and topped up with soda and a touch of champagne. A deep, mellow and spicy combination that was more like a dessert than a drink. And I only had one so I remembered what was in it!

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