A night with the queen

I bet it takes most British people an eternity if not longer to see a show with the queen, but I forgot to mention that while at the barbican, seeing ‘The Bull’ and the nude dude with no clothes acting as harry the dog, on the 25 aniversary of the barbican we saw a show with the queen.

Yes thats right the queen ‘Lizzy’ Jane and I sat and watched a show at the Barbican at the same time together…

… well we saw The bull, she watched the London Symphony orchestra but thats splitting hairs, and of course we didnt know until the next day, and left after our show while hers was still going, probably boring ol ‘Liz’ to tears, Im sure in hindsight she would have prefered watching harry, played by a nude dude anf the rest of the The bull with us. And there was a seat available next to us. Im sure Prince Philip had nodded off anyway so she could have snuck out the back and joined us… we would have had a wow of a time with all of our clapping, gigling and general gaiety¬†and we could have asked her back to our place in east London, it would have been like when she was a younger monarch and im sure she played hookey and visited the seedier parts of town an all… but alas she must have been under official surveilance not to be able to make it across.

Maybee next time Your Maj.


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