Ahhh socialising

What a social bunch we are, well Jane and I anyway, don’t know about you lot.

Apart from the previous Fridays party where I saved someones life It all started wednesday night, on my way home from my weekly game of softball in Regents Park with about 4000 other architects… its the done thing you know…I thought it time we investigated Southbank and its architecture week light exhibition. We arrived at about 10:00 pm fought through the crowds, who were not necessarily there to see us…and made our way into through and around the exhibition hall. The hall was recently renovated and onec formed the heart of the 1956 britain expo where the skylon came from. The skylon is a mythical spike that appeared to hover many meters over the earth as if by magic, but was in fact suspended on wires, themselves hung from the sides of buildings… amazing stuff for 1956… but i digress. the place was alive people everywhere, some dancing in the free dance arena complete with overload DJ playing dance music others watching, others seated around inside and along the river bank, what an odd evening. We retired to Ping Pong a local dim sum restraunt. It wass quite cool in its decor, jane went snap happy and took about 20 photos of the timber detailing, the furniture the lights and ceiling paper, yet forgot to photograph the tasty morsels of Dim Sum, and at 35 pounds they deserved photographing as they must have been works of art. We caught the last train home and struggled to wake friday morning.

Friday night we went to the Bartlet School of Architecture’s summer show. Their end of year exhibition. It was massive with every year represented in the exhibition. over 300 students and their work. It was by far some of th emost artistic work I have come across… pitty there was very little architectural merit to most of it. The school is renowned for crazy stuff and students that epitomise architecture and art students. Most who reportedly dont get work as architects, but as artists, set designers and dole recipients. Many would criticise me for my views and opinions on this subject, in fact they have all week since, however I stand firm, the work was artistic but a school of architecture should involve some buildings or technical component. During the show we looked through a window to see a que of some 300 people trying to get in such is the scale of this sort of thing. We had 500 to our exhibition opening in Adelaide, they must have had 5000. I can accept the non architectural work at a school of architecture however as an exhibition (oh here he goes again) it was pathetic. If I was a curator, and I have been, I would like the spectators to gain some inside into the year level, the project and some of the intents of the display within the exhibition. id select key and important pieces of everyones work and display it so it could be viewed. rather than pile everypiece of work completed over the year into cramped quarters, some so high above the viewer binoculars would be needed and no explanantion as to the aims, goals and achievements of the work. It s…s me it does, the school breeding over opinionated tossers who believe what they are doing would rival god in a design and artistic sense. Ohhh Im angry

The exhibition followed with dinner at a local Mexican diner. Along with us were 2 of Janes work collegues and their partners. An enjoyable discussion as to the relative merits of the Jewish religion and Israel and the inherrant nature of man and Woman ensued. Again a late train home required a sleep in Saturday morning… well for me as jane was up with the sparrows, not sure what she was doing with them but she ended up going to Yoga at the gym not long after.

Saturday night we caught up with Gerald and Andy who have recently made the Adelaide London Pilgramage. We dined at Mildreds amidst a downpoar that hammered so hard on the roof that it almost drowned the conversation. Gerald started work two days later at his new job and probably still had the sound of a British Summer ringing in his ears! If this spell of cold wet weather and its associated floods isnt a sign of global climate change or a sign of god I dont know what the people of this country must be thinking. Maybee they should all get in their cars light up and take a drive to the closest nuclear power plant, dump their rubbish at the end of the road and return home to all the lights they left on when they left and eat cow meat and non dolphin safe tuna and have a good long close look at themselves.

Sunday morning we woke early, so early in fact that there wasnt a Londoner on the streets. Well it was 9:00 am which is early for a local. Wemet Sal and Dave at the Albert memorial for a stroll through the serpentine gallery and the Royal College of Arts summer show, again another final exhibition. This was a better show as it was art based so the pieces didnt have to do anything, be anything or work, they just had to be. In saying that there were some great ceramics, jewelry, fabrics and the industrial/automotive design models and graphics were stunning. 3 hours later we dined at a local organic eatery and as we were in Kensington we paid through the nose for lunch.

After lunch we parted company and finally made our way to the Blackfriars pub, on Blackfriars square at the end of Blackfriars bridge. Youd think it would be easy to find… it was getting there was a problem as all the tube lines anywhere near it were not working. Planned closures they say, but who plans to shut down a quarter of the city in one go. Dills! Here we met Simon and Sally. Sal another architect has been here 4 months and simon also an architect 1 month after a brief sojourn in Dubai… sorry Greg he’s ours now. also there was Alison another architect and her partner (not an architect) The pub was typically British in its oddity. Monks everywhere, orange stonework, bass relief monk sculpture shadows and mirrors.. and guess what. well. guess. Ok it was smoke free. So pleasant, but we only have a week or two until all public places are smoke free. Cant wait. Even pubs and nightcluds. We didnt have to get the last train home as the ironing board was waiting to hold up some clothes while they sat there being ignored.

Monday night we hosted Max Rattley from Adelaide. We had a loverly evening dining at Tyyyyabbbbs, next door and showing him our flat and amazing view into and across London, well he liked it. We ended up doing the inner Aldgate to Liverpool tour back to the station and safely put him on the train for his return trip back to civilisation in Hyde Park.

All in all a busy week or so. Im so tired I cant work.

PS within seconds of arriving at a party a drunk girl turned away from us showing us her head being alight. Flames were licking at the ceiling from her heavily producted hair as a nearby candle ignighted her locks. Being new to the group I hesitated for a split second, not convinced that slapping someone over the head three times was appropriate 20 seconds after arriving, but the superhero in me decided that a life was more important than social etiquate so three firm pats to the flames at the base of her neck extinguished the flames. Of course the fau pah (or however that frenchy word is spelled) of slapping a guest as I enter the room didnt go down so well. She had no Idea her head was engulfed in flames, as she was facing everyone else they didnt see flames but just watched me attack their friend. It took a while to convince her of the gravity of her situation and showing her the molten hair stuck to my palm and the related burns to my hand I was almost accepted into the group. Almost… after an hour of greetings nobody stayed to talk. LESSON LEARNT Dont save the bimbo from her own arson attack if you want to fit in.


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5 Responses to Ahhh socialising

  1. Insomniac mum says:

    Sob …I’m exhausted just READING about your social life. All that and being a Super-Hero too, saving girls from burning buildings and hair-fires and things. No-one should be expected to do all that AND go to work too….

  2. Gaz says:

    Now you know why sooo many people offered you guys jobs. You know what you are doing, and you are good at it too. Seems like the local students do not. So think of it this way – If they knew what to do, you might not be in the position you are today 😉

    [email protected]

    PS. Are you wearing you underpants on the outside yet?

  3. Greg says:

    Tell Simon that I really like you guys, no matter what he says about you (see what i sneakily did – I’m trying to drive a wedge between you all so i can get him back, sneaky huh!?)

    Lots of love you superheroes both (Don’t let Justin take all of the fame and fortune Jane or else you’ll never hear the end of it!)


  4. chris says:

    Well done! Justin! Good Good Man!

    Lots of Love Chris.

  5. MummyWinder says:

    yeah, sure you were putting out her hair, bet you’ve tried that one before!!! they were right to doubt your story! you are the guiltiest looking person I’ve ever seen! Being late wasnt enough of an entrance for you, you had to beat the hostess sensless too – all comes down to you being a little bit of an over-actor! JK Gucky – Love you!! 🙂

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