Amsterdam, the seedier side

This place is crooked! well that place we visited anyway not where I sit now, twisted is where I am now not crooked.

And I dont just mean the buildings. Which for some strange reason (well not so strange but it sounds more interesting) lean all over the place. There is barely a parallel line or vertical or true horizontal line anywher in Amsterdam. The buildings are built on water and they must float around bumping into one another until they get stuck forming lines of floating builings which over time get cemented with dust together in something that resembles a street with a canal in the middle.

Of course all this dark cit activity has taken its toll on ther population! they are crack heads! Ok maybee not so much crack but dope. They are pot heads, just like Bill and Ben. You can buy and use marajuiana in the coffee shops, though from walking past enough I dont think there is much coffee flowing? The stench is powerfull, Im glad they havent adopted the London no smoking in side as everyone would be gettingh stoned on the pavements or as they walked past one of these establishments.

Perhaps this is what made Van goghs art so appealing to so many dutch people. I mean he couldnt really paint, his drawings done elsewhere were ok but his paintings from the region do have a distinct aflition, perhaps it wasnt absynth but a disorder bought on by smiking wacky tobacy. Or perhaps it was syphalis. Amsterdams other seedy past time is prostitution. And its not high class stuff. Word on the street is 30 euro for 15 minutes. I wonder what you get for that. Actually I dont really wonder as its a figure of speech but lets pause for a moment and take it all in. Of course we didnt we paced through the red light district embarassed we had accidentally (read deliberatly) wandered into the area. For the articles I say, I like the articles, they are very informative. Of course tyou cant stop to look ata the articles which are displayed on the street behind a glass door under a red light. most of them bored out of their brains. Not much action that night. Most were standing there with their guts hanging out toking on a joint or cigarette trying to attract a trip to join her on the couch/day bed in the small room behind the curtain. All except the asian woman with the biggest breasts a North American woman in our vacinity had ever seen, to which her husband retorted that they could be bigger. Sir, no they couldnt, trust me OK.

Of course the girls were bored it was gay pride weekend and half a million people turned to the canals to watch the pride march, held on boats float by tro kylie and madonna tunes blending into one another, Kylie and donna work so well. They do have great taste in disco music, if not in comfortable clothing. I mean for the second time in as many visists to mainland europe (the last being Berlin) I have been confronted with jeans with no asses, well there weer asses and they were in the jeans, but there was the ass of the jeans missing. Oh dear I need a bex and a little lie down.

And now I need to go to site to solve a drama so


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6 Responses to Amsterdam, the seedier side

  1. Site Admin says:

    HI Guys I have to say I know all about it having been previously married to a Dutchman.

    But on a much happier note, thank you so much for Caitlin’s presents, she was thrilled.

    Lots of Love Chris.

  2. Now-somniac Mum says:

    Sorry Jane, how could I have mistaken your post for one from Justin’s parallel universe……..

  3. I know what I’m going to get you for a birthday present. What size waist are you now?

    And what’s this ‘Bex’ crap? If you come back with an accent of anything other than thick Aussie, I’ll be taking you straight to Sydney wearing your new birthday present and handcuffing you to a pole in the middle of their poof show. Can I say poof show? Hmm. No I don’t think I can. Better just call it a parade. I’ll be they have Kylie too.

    If you start drinking Bovril, I’ll get your passport cancelled too. 😉

    [email protected]

  4. moylee says:

    How have you “accidentally” ended up in cities where men are wearing Jeans with the ass hanging out. You not telling us something. And don’t say Jane wanted to go their, ‘cos we know really it was you JP. 😛

  5. Adelaides Fastest Barina says:

    JP can you check redline? I’ve sent you a pm!

  6. Hope you get well soon Jane 🙂

    [email protected]

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