an Update! (Warning: neether spell checkers work)

At last something gets put up on the London plan…

Ok you want more than that!

The last 6 months have been the busiest period of my life, work has taken the lions share of my time, My teamis young and inexperienced, and this requires more of my time than I would like. A normal work week now is 60 hours, I agree, this is too much, but to keep all the balls in the air on the project it is whats I have to do. At the moment I spend 3 solid days at Heathrow, co-located along with my associate and other project architect. However, and as expected the other two days are generally spen at Heathrow or commuting there for a ‘special’ meeting. So spending time with the team working onthe project is a luxury. As a result I spend hours in the office prior to going to Heathrow and hours after I return, preparing, checking, configuring, etc work for the team to undertake to meet our deadlines and deliverables.

As you can imagine it takes its toll, today as I write I am tucked up in bed with a headcold and throat infection, I cant breath through my nose as its blocked and runny, nor can I breath through my mouth as this exaccerbates the throat…I am presently practicing the ancient oriental art of  tokiearbreathingondo, and I am turning blue and getting dizzy as its quite difficult, I need a guru!

I think we have learnt a valuable lesson re holidays this year, neither of us have had serious time of since autralia in February. In fact since getting back 36 weeks ago I have done 20 60+ hour weeks and 4 70+ hour weeks so getting away for relaxationj has proven difficult. Jane is busy but nowdays seems to manage her crazy hours much better. perhaps I am going through what she went through 12 months ago, and like her will learn not to do it. I do enjoy it but miss not being there and more importantly miss Jane. (does this give me those brownie points others speak of)

However we have been luck here and there and have takenthe odd day to extend a weekend and get away. Over summer we went to see Faith no More (its a grunge, rock band, not the end of religion) play at a festival in Paris. we organised it with our gig mates, simon, sal, dave and sal. we did transport, simon and sal did accommodation and so on. Of course like the fools we all are none of us bothered to check it it was a long weekend so our return tickets on Monday had us arriving in time for work monday morning. This on top of a 4:30am start saturday morning, a gig saturday night and all weekend on our feet, Parisian food, sightseeying, culture etc we were buggerd, and promptly used the Monday bank holiday to sleep. Jane didnt know Faith that well, knew of them but hadnt listened much to them on the ipod…we have every majour album they released, but was plesently surprised. She aknowledges they are heavy, loud and shouty but also appreciated the show, a good mix of their most popular songs, some acoustic, some slow and much energy throughout. It was a good way to see them and would have been better had they stuck to their promise of retiring after that gig! as when we booked the tickets it was touted as there last ever gig. Between us Buying and Us watching, they booked 10 more gigs in 2010.

Which Jane would be more than happy with if Alice in Chains would do. More recently the sals, dave, simon and I went to see Alice in Chains at the London forum. For years I have been a big fan of AIC. I have all there music, some videos etc. It works for me. But after the death of lead singer in 2002 it looked like the end. however more recently the discovery of a new lead, re-inflated the bands sails and a new album was released late summer here and hr band hit the road. Live, they had so much energy,something not readily caught on an album, and was an excellent gig ( is there any other type, do I ever go somewhere, see something, or get something that isnt most bodacious…? ( I do but dont tell anyone what they are) the gig would have been too loud for J_No the bass to heavy, the drone too much, but it was just right for me, and my ears stopped rining about 4 days later.

Having been out of the garage now for 3 years the constant ringing has subsided, I am now alone in my thoughts at night…I dont like it, so Im going to have to start something over here. I was searching ebay a few months ago and came across a remote control car I always wanted and it was cheap, new and all mine. So now I own 2 remote control cars which spend their evenings doing burnouts on the carpet or lino annoying Jane with their bodies-of-robot-like-scaryness. One was new the other I restored from a second hand car via the plethora of parts available on e-bay. well its winter and I need something to do indoors on freezing evenings!

we also managed to get away a month ago to the midlands. Jane managed to secure tickets to see Eddie Izzard Live in Nottingham on a friday night. so we got ourselves a car friday morning and toured the low midlands. again the gig was fantastic. two hours of laughter, he is a funny man, for an action transvestite! whe also visited Nottingham city, Nottingham castle wheer there was a action arena spectacular…Ok it was an open portion of the garden with costumed actors plating robin hood, the maid, an the nasty villain of the story…the Nottingham sherif…Known as the sherif of Nottingham! oooH. we also avoided a parking ticket, ate hand torn salad breadstick sandwhiches in the car, walked sherwood forest, no there was no merry men, and made our way to leichester. Our hotel should have told us the whole story. jane managed to get it for half price so we thought win, win situation. of course sitting roadside with the sat nav sating we were there, and all we could see was an almost derelict multi story carpark we should have run, well driven away. atop this masterpiece of modern, post war architecture was our hotel. we drove into the carpark and what felt liek 300 rounds later we arrived at the front door. Actually despite its outward appearance it was Ok, there were a couple of night clubs downstairs, 8 floors below, but the double glazing kept most ofthe sound out…until 3:00am when the empty bottles were cast into the recycling bins. we have all seen the glass storage bins outside clubs and pubs, just about small enough to pick up when full etc. well it took nearly and hour for the staff to complete the task of transferring the used bottles from the club into the glass hopper, each load being deposited with a spine calcifying clang, crash, bang of glass hitting glass, and mind you, there wasnt another sound as it was 3:00 am and my reas stopped rining a year ago…ahhhhh. Leichester doenst have much to offer! other than being a very bad example of post war reconstruction. We did see some most incredible country manor homes later in the afternoon of sunday after a quaint country hotel lunch and several old castles with great explosive histories. Unfortunately the one home we did want to tour was unexpectedly closed, typical! So we chose 1 last attraction which we reached on dusk, to discover it was the place where mary, queen of scots was executed all those years ago, and today al; that remains is a mound, albeit a large mound or earth and rubble  in someones backyard and a plaque to commemorate her life. Too cool!

Obviously Christmas is coming so we have begun the mad preparation for our annual tour, what again was going to be mor-will we ever get there-occo is now looking likely being a driven tour of wales. for the savings on the extra charge on plane tickets and accommodation in moroccos artificial christmas high season we will get our Welsh oddysee for free. we hope to do Morocco in March’ish.

Anyway, back to sleep for my sick head, amybee we will update sooner next time.


Hope all are well and happy, and those parents with new babies, having come from peopel I did not know were pregnant are doing well, happy birthday to those who have had them, congratulations on marriages and awards or victories and generally…



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4 Responses to an Update! (Warning: neether spell checkers work)

  1. Good to hear from you, glad to hear you are both doing well apart from the current headcold. Make sure you take some time out to recharge. 60 hours a week is nuts!

    [email protected]

  2. Max and Airlie's dad says:

    hey dude, just trying to catch up on stuff, thanks for the call the other week. It was great just to chat.

    I feel rather bad for not having passed on any info re the pregnantness of my wife, I have been rather flat out like yourself (and lazy as too).

    hope all is well, happy rc burnouts…..


  3. Chris says:

    Hi Justin,

    It was good to read how you are both going, I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Lots of Love

    P.S. I love Faith No More.

  4. moylee says:

    A Merry Christmas to you both and your families.

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