Bad news from home

Had quite a shocking day yesterday, as I heard that my brother Peter and family – Chris, Caitlin and Brianna – were in a horrible car accident on the South Eastern freeway near Murray Bridge. Thank goodness they are all alive and kicking and not in quite as bad a way as I first thought on reading the news item, which said that Caitlin was injured and that Chris had been air-lifted to Flinders hospital with life-threatening injuries. It was rather tense here for a few hours during which I couldn’t get in contact to find out what was happening, but I’m sure it was much worse from their end. Everyone is now stable, apparently with some cuts and  internal bruising, and after a night in hospital for observation they will all be reunited at home (except for the car, which makes its sad journey to the great car park in the sky). Hopefully my nieces will not suffer lasting shock from the experience. Lots of love and well-wishing coming your way Monks.

Now will anyone join me in supporting my car-free world manifesto??! (don’t worry Payne family I won’t make you sign it)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear everyone is ok.

    [email protected]

  2. Gibbleton Mum says:

    I don’t think your manifesto is likely to meet with much success Jane! Although the price of petrol may give it a kick along. However, until teleporting comes along I think cars are here to stay!

  3. Peter the Crash Test Dummy says:

    While Chris is in better shape now, I hope my often overly-relaxed attitude didn’t misguide you as to the seriousness of her condition!

    To clarify:

    Chris was initially critical at the scene as, for a while, her vitals (blood pressure, breathing) were variable and deteriorating. After she was stabilised (ie, vitals within desirable ranges, not too variable), she was airlifted to Flinders.

    She was taken to a resuscitation room where she was given tests to check for internal injuries (fortunately none serious) and monitored before being reclassified as “Satisfactory” (sounds like my school report card), which basically means that vital signs are stable, the patient is conscious and there is no immediate threat to life.

    Caitlin had some injuries from her seat belt, has some bruising and was in pain for a few days. Fortunately she wasn’t nearly as bad as Chris.

    Chris has severe bruising as a memento, is suitably freaked out by her near death experience and is quite nervous about cars in general at the moment.

    What scared us out the most, however, was how easy it would have been for this to have happened to Caitlin or Brianna. There’s a real chance that they would not have made it if it had been one of them.

    Also, I have to promise my wife that I will not be so cavalier about our mishaps in the future, on the off chance we ever have another one (er, which of course we won’t).


  4. Peter, I hope you bought a lotto ticket. Sounds like you were lucky not to have more serious injuries. As I said above, I’m glad to hear you are all ok.

    [email protected]

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