Cant speak for long

In the middle of cooking dinner so I may be distracted, there is also Rally of Mexico on the TV. Chris atkinson is flying.. Oh sorry I digress

It’s been a busy few weeks socially, Jane has barely had any time to go to work on the weekends. The previous weekend we had Sals 30th which started as a pub drink ended in dinner  with Sal x 2 Dave and Simon and us of course. Ok im back, had to peel the potatoes. On sunday we met up again for a celebration of daves 30th. Lunch at a pub was very entertaining! Im not sure how we had to pree book our choices for lunch, they only offered 3 things 2 of which needed to be shared with someone else. Surely they could have dealt with our orders there and then, as the menu was limited.

Then on Friday just gone we treated ourselves to aplay at the barbican center. I ordered tickets based on a 30 word description of the play, the tickets were cheap enough so we thought nothing to loose. And quite! I was a little bemused as other patrons entered and I noticed the lack of women! Moreover there were alot of shaved heads, leather pants and well dressed men. I guessed it was a gay play. And was it ever. Two men sitting in a bath telling and listening to stories. 90 odd minutes of tight, quick witted conversation. It was very well done and quite enjoyable and now we have done gay culture too.

Saturday was another day full of socialism. Well we helped celebrate Gerald’s birthday at a dim sum restraunt. Jane had to rush off for choir while I visited the motoring bookshop Just off Trafalgar square. They claim to be Europes best, but Adelaide has two stores bigger and better stocked. I was there to buy a present for Mark… My new english friend who after only 15 hours of friendship invited Jane and I to his 40th Birthday. I guess it was worth the 16 pounds spent on a Mk1 cortina history book as we were plied with free alcohol  and then bought drinks when the tab ran out by complete strangers. We didnt know anyone bar Mark and he was busy being the host, so we were left alone to get drunk and dance to bad music. But we had fun and thats what counts.

Sunday was spent catching up with the hangover, doing washing and cleaning up. We didnt quite get it all clean.  oops dinner !

 Oh that was good… Potatoes and salad, just like being in Australia but people dying of cold outside. Its quite cold here at the moment. there has been rumours of Snow all over the country except for London, which is quite kind I must say. For many of you may remember…I hate snow.

Work is great at the moment, I have a team of some 9 people at the moment, and Im in charge, they listen to me and do what I ask…within reason. Some of them do it slowly but you get what you pay for as they say. We are in options investigation stage, and will be for the next 6 months, followed by 11 months of scheme design. At the moment we are investigating options…small design items for components, area or zones within the building. Once we finish this stage the client should be in a position to make some decisions on what they want to pay for and therefore what we will design. Needless to say its a big complex project, Im having fun, and feel good about my role and ability. I rock, and am peoples hero!.

Janes still a nutjobworkaholicabsenteegirlfriendfreak with her hours. I find myself in the corner of the flat rocking backwards and forwards waiting for her return home. Oh thats me cleaning parts of the engine…what did you think, that I was crying and pining for her. pfwttt Shes still really busy cleaning up after the useless workmate who no longer works there and left her with a half finished project with no fees left.


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3 Responses to Cant speak for long

  1. Rob says:

    Hey Juz,

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch, but things like you and Jane have been pretty full on for the past 3 to 4 months.

    Glad to see your sense of humour hasn’t changed much since you left Oz and Jane is still flogging herself to death.

    I still have your e-mail addresses that you sent in response to my last comment. Are these still current, and are the mobile numbers you sent me? Whats the best time to call you during the day as with time difference I will probably only catch you around late mornining or early afternoon.

    Well glad to hear you are both still surviving and thanks for the Christmas Text message I hope you got my reply.



  2. Good to hear from you guys again. 🙂

    [email protected]

  3. Adelaides fastest Barina says:

    Do you hate snow because its white? I know you seem to be very black orientated.

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