catching up

So whats been happening. Hmmmm
we searched around our old haunts for a place to live, you know, relove the dream and all that stuff only to find the olympics ruined everything in the east. being only a few miles from the olympic regeneration sites rents had skyrocketed, coincidentally our old flat was on th emarket again, no doubts a dissapointed ex tennant as well, and there ws no way we could afford it even with both of us earning, and it was exactly the same with the same old furniture and most likely poorly painted painted parts. And I ws keen to move back so I could set fire to it when we left to extract out 1000 pound bond the landlord never returned…but I digress.
with every passing dissapointment we moved further and further =from E1, E2, E6, E12, beyond zone 1, 2 qand into Zone 4. My nose beleeds at the thought but we found a great flat in SE18, which is a westerly suburb of France. But it is a nice flat in a great old location with historic importance if thats what floats your boat.
google Royal woolwich arsenal for all your boat floating…and yes we are in one of the old converted buildings. Jane likes it, only problem is the hour + commute and no lift to the second though technically 4th floor height wise.
But we do have extensive river views, thats right, were on the river, the river Thames, which as it turns out is in westerly france?
Id get photos up if I could get into the bedroom to get the download cable from under the sleeping babies nose, shhhh, stop reading soloud, you’ll wake her up.
The town of Woolwich, you know, where poor lee Rigby was attacked and killed is actually very nice, feels safe, cleran and very self contained, we have reasonable transport links despite being in France and probable the highest quote of poundstores per capita than anywher int he known universe. there is literally 3 inth emain street and I dont mean stores that sell things for a pound but actually 3 stores called poundland which sell things for a pound.

Ok thanks guys, one of your loud reading woke her up…


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  1. Was not me!
    Anyway, an hour commute gives you time to listen to music and think. Enjoy them!
    You can think of ways to get your bond back now that you are back in the country.

    [email protected]

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