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I’m quite excited as I have finally had a bona fide A-list celebrity spotting occasion!

Our friends Simon and Sally are always spotting famous people, sometimes up to three in one day, which is quite enough for anyone and must be quite wearing for them. It never seems to happen to me, although that could be down to a combination of factors including my complete apathy regarding most forms of fame, the fact that I don’t live/work in the fancy parts of town most frequented by patrician folk, and the generally poor level of my observation skills regarding people (as opposed to more interesting things like counting the number of abandoned umbrellas on the way to the tube). It’s entirely possible that I might be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous on a daily basis and I would be quite oblivious.

My previous celebrity spotting occasions in London consist of walking past the black woman who was in both the tv series ‘Teachers’ and also the film ‘Love Actually’, and walking past one of the senior women from ‘The Bill’. I don’t think they really count for much as I don’t even know their names. Most impressive amongst our acquaintance was Gerald’s lunchtime spent sitting next to Kenneth Branagh in a chinese restaurant, and a family friend who knows someone who was at a fancy function and wasn’t allowed to access the toilets as the Queen was in there (dare I suggest on the throne?).

Anyhoo, my celebrity occasion wouldn’t have even happened but for the fact that we were out with Simon and Sally, so we were blessed by their celebrity-attracting presence. We were at the Curzon cinema in Soho, admiring the candy bar wares (what a great cinema, you can buy fair-trade dark chocolate and wasabi peas there!) and waiting for the film, when who should walk in but Tilda Swinton! Yes that’s right, the Tilda Swinton, the star of ‘Orlando’, one of my favourite films, amongst other gems. We assumed a cool, calm and collected pose, and hung around the foyer near her until it was time to enter the cinema. And then there was a rather surreal moment when we sat through one of the film previews which was advertising her newly released film, so we were watching her in real life in the audience watching herself up on the screen. Weird!

I’m sure she was as excited to see me as I was to see her, but she kept her cool too. Bye for now!

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  1. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Oh, Tilda Swinton, Dad’s absolutely favourite actress, he’ll be totally jealous! Memo to Gaz, borrow Orlando from the DVD place!

  2. Not a chance. 😉


  3. Happy Birthday Big Justin!

    [email protected]

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