Cornwall photos are up

check here for a selection of the 555 photos we took while we were away.

Hope you enjoy them!


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2 Responses to Cornwall photos are up

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Guys,

    What a wonderful read and the photos are amazing!

    Thinking of you Jane with your current trials, if their is one thing I have learned in this life so far, it is that we can never control the way other people behave and react to things. Just continue to believe in the beautiful, amazing, talented, gifted, intelligent person you are!! Not to mention greatly loved and admired by all of us at home. You are also pretty special Justin.

    Lots of Chris and Family.

  2. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Eeeeek Justin, you snuck that Jane’s Nightmare page in without us noticing!
    This is obviously a ploy to put off all visitors from Oz as there’ll be nowhere left on your floor for extra bodies. I believe that you will be sleeping in the Bin Room from now on …. Seems fair to me.

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