day 1 million, well thats what it feels like, its hot, and im being kicked of my posting seat, but I digress…damn hot. Just like Australia only North african, a lot less alchohol but a lot more praying, and its not the muslims, who are everywhere that are praying 5 times a day, its me almost every thirty seconds, praying that I dont get hooked in some conversation that will cost me money, you catch their eyes, they being street sellers, sellers of everything, think 100 myer, coles and safeway stores exploding across a small city and wherever stuff lands someone will be selling it, so shops lining the streets selling almost anything from new fridges to hair dye and fresh fruit stores next to rotten meat tables, oh did I mention its hot…Damn hot, though I have been reminded we are in typical desert cycle tonight as its a bit cold up here on the roof terrace of the 400 year old mudbrick and bamboo courtyard house, converted to B&B. The days are clear sunny and australia hot, 36-38 degress, which does not do much for the meat tables I can tell you, nor the fruit sellers actually. maybee a deal should be struck with the fridge sellers?? just a suggestion.

So lots of prayering, a new noun I declare, here in Morocco, of course when 99.5478 percent of the population is Prayering in one of the 3 million mosques ligning the streets, souks, medinas, and kasbahs, oh did I mention its hot and ther is a lot of prayering?? well when they are prayering the “Naughty boys” come out to play” when I say Play, I mean walking along with a tourist to wherever trying to convince them to part with the hard earned, and when failing getting agro and allah forbid if a woman was to speak to the “Naughty boys” who are not scared of anyone, not even allah or their fathers! well maybe as it turns out a bit scared of Janes “big scary eyes”. Youll need to be a grandchild of ourse to find out what all that means…well maybee next post.
So yesterday was a quick 6 hour drive from Marrakesh to Fez, south to north, spent more on tolls than on fuel, but must admit the road was pretty good considering we are in africa, Im not sure what that means but I am really only learning what Africa means, and to be honest this is Mediteranean Africa so more like Spain, except less spanish, more frenchie and somewhat muslim. Oh alot of Prayering and hot…damn hot too. Well it is hot for us Poms…yes you read it Im a pom now as I cant stand the heat. god where do I get this? oh Sorry Allah where do I get this, hey Im a fence sitter OK.
So we arrived and somehow managed to make our way to a carpark local to the Riad we are staying, took a Guide tout to lead us there on his motorscooterbikething hoping to make a sale on overpriced tour guides only to be let down as we dont do guides. Of course earleir I had offered him a payment which he refused saying he was just being friendly, of course no more was to come of the friendship so he demanded the payment. dont worry me mate as I spend less on having my toenails clipped but be honest, dont make up some ass about story, apparently thats what the tourists do, and we do…beconings ( another new noun) into a carpet sellers shop is deflected with a maybee tomorrow, of course unless your James Bond tomorrow never comes nor does the day Im going into a carpet sellers hole in the wall shop to purchase and over priced, poor quality, yuk rug. No Idea on quality as I dont hang around long enough but I have to tell you, just between us…I dont trust them! No its true, maybee a bit hard to believe but I dont. Anyway tomorrow never comes, and maybe later, back soon and have to rush stories echo across the city in most languages. alot less english that I expected, the language of tourism is french here, and I must declare I am not happy about it, just spent a week with the frenchies and Im back with their North African cousins

Anyway today was spent wandering the souks looking mostly for the woodworking museum, sounds great…but you werent here. In fact it is in a very old Fondouk, or travelling merchants hotel, bearing in mind the local berber (not barber) are nomadic.It was recently restored and converted to a morocan wood working museum. Quite well done too I must say, Incredibly detailed timber screens and carved plaster ornementation. If your really unlucky one day you might see the pictures amongst the total 72 million we have taken over the last 4 years in a slide night!

Anyway off Roman tomorrow, well actually we are off to the best preserved roman town in Africa for a looksee as we like Roman stuff, then off to the Morocan meca, undiscovered by the world as the religious destination until the 1950’s some millenium after it started, how did we mis sit I say…How. Doing this by car again so my left hand drive skills are gaining momentum, which they will need to as later this week we head rural and may need to evade rogue cops with cash on their minds.


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3 Responses to FEZ oh FES

  1. ishmail says:

    Oh you funny man mr Justin, how bout a nice carpet, best price in town. I promise. Not today, ok then maybee tomorrow!

  2. Suzie says:

    So wheres the update? i know you didn’t get much further than Fes, before packing it in and curling up in your own bed at home in London!!!!

  3. Christine says:

    Wow that all sounded so stressful!


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