Freestyle Knitting

This page is dedicated to experimental knitting – of the fairly basic kind. 


 Christmas socks for Pa – my first ever pair of socks and first use of the Circular Needle. I love it! Lovely Colinette wool from Wales.


 Knee warmers for Nanny! Blue Sky baby Alpaca wool – soft, light and warm. More circular knitting.


Whatever the weather, my wrists will always be warm.


 Socks for Ebo’s birthday. Had to reknit half of one due to poor counting, and they still arrived on the right day!  My toe grafting improves.


Scarf knitted for Dave Chang’s christmas present. Lovely wool from a traditional mill in Yorkshire. Basic garter stitch but perfect for the bold chunky wool. Smells like sheep!


 Baby’s beanie. Alpaca again. No pattern so probably too small to send to any of the numerous babies my friends are producing.


Enough leftovers for a beanie! I call it the Gumnut.

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  1. Hello says:

    Hello, I just noticed your RSS feed isn’t working when I attempted to subscribe 🙁 Just an FYI!

  2. Marietjie Bam says:

    I would like to start free style knitting, is there any specifics that I have to know, how do one begin and what is the catch.

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