happy birthday to everyone

Hi all, here is my general disclaimer to cover all birthdays I may have already forgotten or may yet forget – happy birthday to everyone!More specifically to detail recent events, a big Happy 4th Birthday to my gorgeous niece Brianna! What a milestone – as is learning the word ‘Hypothesis’ before the age of 4. Must take after her auntie.Also many happy returns to Neralie and Carolyn, and also to Holly (1st), Laura (2nd – upcoming). And to anyone else who wants them!       more info soon… jane 

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  1. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Thanks Jane! And a happy birthday to you too…
    And not just hypothesis – she corrected Q. for calling a magnifying glass a magnifying glass and not a lense!

  2. Pete & Chris says:

    Thanks J & J for the birthday wishes! Brianna sends her thanks for the great jarmies. We’ll try to get some party pics up soon. Brianna has moved on from hypotheses and is now working on a Grand Unified Theory. Hawking is furious and insists she’s cheating somehow! Amateur… Love and kisses, Pete & Chris.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hullo Jane,
    Post awards congratulations for the NAG honour, saw you ‘live’ on screen interviewed by Dylan Lewis (was also briefly interviewed by him as Anthony shoved me towards him as I walked in, hmm…) but anyway, well done! I trust London life is treating you well and keeping you not too busy.
    Still enjoying the blog, its great to read what you guys are up too… Will write again soon, but just wanted to drop a quick congrats and hi.
    Catch ya,

    Eliz : )

  4. Melbourne Mum says:

    Thanks Elizabeth for letting us know something has happened post 13th June. You even saw footage………..well Justin and Jane, what the?

  5. Così Justin e Jane, come era il vostro viaggio in Italia? Avete mangiato i lotti di pizza e di pasta (vegetariano naturalmente). Avete assunto delle automobili italiane e le avete guidate velocemente?

    [email protected]

  6. Neralie says:

    Thanks for the birthday message for me and Laura. As usual I think that I may have planned too big a do, and have chosen too many recipes to make for her upcoming 2nd birthday (like she will remember what happened!!). But I can never do anything by halves. I so can’t wait until she is old enough just to have a few friends over (with out parents – more mouths to feed) and we can play pass the parcel and all those fun games.

    Anway – I have sent a long over due email to your hotmail account.

    Have fun with Anthony – he sounds so excited about his trip. He can fill you in on all the WBA goss – not that there is much.

    Love Neralie

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