he says more than most but most of its not worth listening too

So what has happened this week. Not a lot really. Beginning to settle into the life as a Londoner. Work, home, work, home etc etc etc. Not really different except we are upside down most of the time, unless we turn ourselves upside down and then we are the right way up. Hope you follow. Yesterday, Saturday though to you guys it might have been Sunday morning or something Jane and I went to Greenwich where the worlds 0 meridian lies, well it used too now its some many meters away from where the tourists and us too take photos straddling the meridian line. We saw the 1pm big red ball drop, and If I can get the exciting video up you too can see the ball used to alert all mariner traffic in eyesight of the falling ball of 1:00 pm. It’s so they know what time it is where they leave port so they don’t crash into the rocks somewhere else in the world. Google it if you want as I’m not typing the full scientific explanation though it does involve some interesting stories and intrigue, espionage and a large sum of money. 

Also at the Greenwich observatory where the 0 meridian is was a museum holding many of the clocks timepieces and watches used throughout time to help sailors navigate and not crash into those rocks somewhere else in the world. 

We had a lovely day, we even walked under the Thames not quite like Moses or anything as they had already built a tunnel so no conjuring of voodoo was required so sorry to have you thinking that Either or Jane and I were like some sort of devilish demons who can walk under large bodies of water, until I just explained how we did it. 

We have spent today at a fashion and textiles exhibition, same place as the photography and painting exhibition last week, was a little light on this week but there were some exceptionally innovative and beautiful pieces of jewelry. 

Then we dined at Gallipoli Again I say again as that’s what it is called as there are already 2 other Gallipoli restraunts even though we have eaten there once before. Damn confusing I must say and I’m living it… 

Then we had the mad dash back home to pick up the library books get them back to the closing library and onto Sainsburies for milk and juice before coming here. However as I was speaking of little punks last time we had an interesting post Sainsbury walk as we found ourselves walking amongst a pack of little criminals playing it tuff, there so cute pretending to be gangstas to the point of whipping concealed hockey sticks from within their baggy pants and going to town on some other gangsta type happily eating his mchappy meal in the local Mcdonalds, there were seats, trays burgers and pickles being thrown all over the place, mayhem until the mcdonalds security staff intervened and the aforementioned little dears casually walked out of the place and on their merry way… I now see why places like this need a security guard on staff. Who is to blame for this, which system is letting who down, is it like this in Australia as I’ve never seen it, oh the angst, too many questions not enough answers. 

I forgot and was only reminded by looking at Jane’s text… She’s sitting over there >>>>>> just to my right. Apparently glaring balefully at me? Oh she says just joking now. 

We went for a bus ride. was supposed to go from near work to Kings cross station, though wed try a new route and time it. What was supposed to take a good 10 minutes took 2.5 hours, a dinner at a dodgy tapas bar and 17 pounds. See we seemed to have got on a bus heading completely, utterly, absolutely, without doubt, no argument the wrong direction, we wanted to go in a southerly direction and ended up on a bus to Crouch End which I thing is a outer southern suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland. We got of the buss when the hills started at quiet turnpike lane. A little like Hotel California we though, awaiting a bus that never seemed to come after an average Tapas meal with a nice waiter. It was cold and along way away and Somehow during dinner I managed to get the only piece of chilli in dinner lodged in my voice box, giving me a voice Satan would be proud of if only it didn’t come with the tears so I cried and cried and coughed until it came out. Burned allot I must say and I’m getting much better with chilli after living with Jane>>>>> still just over there, for nearly 8 years. 

But we survived our outer suburb outing and the doctors say I should be able to speak like the little boy I’ve always been in about a week or two. 

Did I mention that Dad has taken the escort out for a burn…? Don’t panic not literally, he went to Sandown, didn’t do any of the suggested work to the car, had a good time but would have beaten the Celica if only he’d stiffened the front shocks up and had a wheel alignment. Gladly though the car passed its first scruitineering without too much hassle and survived the day. Now all I need to do is get more power and now I’m living in the world of escort parts this is much cheaper to do from here than from Australia, so prepare to have packages of car parts arrive on your doorstep, only small ones I promise. 

Anyway time to go and have a little afternoon nap??? I’m so old sometimes and I have to go to work early anyway so see-you-by 


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  1. Glad to see you are soaking up the histroy. Well, maybe Jane is. Although I guess escort parts are hostoric too.

    But if either of you come back with a pommy accent, you’d better be prepared for an arse kicken…..

    [email protected]

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