hello all

Well its friday morning over here, and Im tired, really tired. I havent done anything to cause such tiredness, im just tired.

The last few weeks have been a blur really, nothing really special has been undertaken but lots of things are being done. I have joined the office Softball team and somehow seem to be the leader, we actuallyt almost had a brawl on wednesday night at a game. A neighbouring game at Regents park where we play along with a million other architectural offices, was a little testy when we hit our ball ont their pitch. They complained like lawyers the first time, and the two teams in our game payed them out! The secoond time a ball entered their turf the majority of them came running at us like in an American game of beseball when the batter gets hit by the ball. Yeling and screaming abuse and demanding we leave claiming to have booked and paid for the pitch. Somehow I ended up taking charge and putting their yellers in their place and negotiating with the wanker flapping a piece of paper in my face. All they had to do was show us the booking agreement with the council and we happily would have moved but thought they would yell and scream and insult. We won the moral victory even though we agreed to rotate our game so as to not intrude. Of course everytime ours or another games ball entered their piutch there were cheers and hoots from the surrounding games adding further ridicule to the lawyers playing on a hired pitch in a park, on a day known to be packed with friendly architectural games of softball. Just typical really, share and share alike unless you are a London Lawyer.

Jane started her first week and wiggies office, all seems to be going well and Jane appears to be enjoying it. She has a small project which is growing in stature everyday, in the first week she has met the client, their reps, consultants and contractors, more than she did in three and a half months at PKS.

After almost 8 weeks I might have a bike in a week or two. Nothing happens quickly in this third world city. It has taken 8 weeks to organise a salary sacrafice, 8 weeks to sign a piece of paper and fill out an A4 form… and guess what. Cannondale, the manufacturer of the bike I have chosen dont have any stock in the country, so the wait might be even longer. I chose them and the model on ethical grounds, ordered one and test rode it on the day the office agreed to support the ride to work scheme, a scheme wher I get V.A.T free and through Salary Sacrafice, only paying about 58 percent of the retail value. However due to the incompetancies of London and PKS Ithe bike has been sold about 6 weeks ago and there is not another in Europe… stock is due… the one they did get in for me was bought in from Glasgow. Makes me mad it does!

But the saga has one good outcome, last friday I mentioned to the office manager, whos dealing with the issue that I Now wasnt sure about if I wanted to do it, I said something about needing to think about my future, especially after a crit session from hell, with all the directors. 20 minutes after my statement on of the directors took me asside and asked what was up. 1 hour 20 minutes later after letting them have it he walked away aware that they need to shape up ort Ill ship out and I think this worries them a little, since Janes departure I am the only experienced registered architect other than partners and associates. He agreed that I was correct in my complaints. Half an hour later the associate in charge of reviews and staff liason came to me and we wnet through it all again. I have a annual review along with all staff today acually so we shall see what is said in terms of my issues with the poor management, lack of staff, lack of communication and other gripes I expressed.

Last sunday I was again lucky to find myself amidst another motoring mecca! Classic ford fair was held at Santa Pod raceway. nearly 2500 fords ranging from capris, cortinas, consuls, cosworths, campers and of course escorts of every variety. As well as this there was a autojumble/bootsale, except the boots were like moving van size and ranged from every brand new replacement part available including every steel panel except rooves and rear quarters to new components made specifically for performance to second hand parts of every thing.

It was a great day and exciting to see so many quality show cars… however after about the 250th pristine escort with 13×7 minilights, and mexico decals it became a little boring. No individuality just perfect examples of the same thing over and over again. Concourse is not my thing obviously.

Santa pod is also a Drag strip, the highlight of the days competition had to be the jet engine powered drag car. 0-154 MPH or 0-406Kmh in 5.2 seconds over 400 meters. It was deafening and bloody fast. To put that into perspective as it launched of the line you could have been driving the most powerfull road car in Australia at full pace across the line and it would have beaten you across the quarter mile easily.

it was a long day not helped by 3.5 hopurs to get back to London as the weekends traffic jam blocked the 49 mile trip into the center. it appeared to be a 43 mile long traffic jam… they just dont seem to get it over here, it would be so much better for everyone if they didn’t drive everywhere, a train would have taken 35 minutes, but I weas offered the lift and thought Id be sociable and make friends.

Other than the aformentioned work issues Its OK, my job is progressing slowly, and if they listen to me it might actually get finished. At the crit mentioned before, We presented to the other two directors not involved, they hated everything that my directors had added of the course of the last few months, and then criticised me for poor presentation graphics…I later added that had Dumb and Dumber(David and Douglas the Directors) told me more than 3 hours before the presentation I may have been able to provide some better images and drawings. These things are organised a week in advance so the staff member has warning and can prepare, Dumb and dumber forgot to tell me, they apologised, but.. well we shall see how much more money they offer!



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4 Responses to hello all

  1. Gaz says:

    Gukky, you had better hope the bosses don’t find out about your blog!

    Make sure you sned us some photos of you ‘on your bike’ 😉

    [email protected]

  2. Insomniac mum says:

    Hmmmm – I think it won’t matter if they do find out about your blog Juz, the half a reference they’d give you on a good day wouldn’t be missed anyway (judging by Jane’s experience)!

  3. moylee says:

    Good to see you are fitting in well over there Justin (whining at everything, lol). Stop looking at cars and start buying parts to get yours on track and close to keeping up with us :P.

  4. Adelaides fastest Barina says:

    Seems like your being told Jus! I too wouldn’t mind seeing pics of you on a bike….. it doesn’t seem like your thing! 😉

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