Hello Dr Nick,

Ok got that out of my system, I thought Id have a go at letting you all in on our travels and  tribulations in the land on London. As summer is approaching, not fast enough I might add, things appear to be getting a little more hectice, more people to see places to go than ever before. Last night we dined and entertained some friends from Adlelaide. Scot, One of Janes work collegues and his wife Carmen are over here for a wedding. So we caught up for dinner, a review of his own work and no promised photos of Janes projects now under construction, and a looksee at his hotel! However we got our revenge by trudging him through a coldish, certainly blusterish East London night, dragging him from LLoyds, The Swiss RE, spitalfields, brick lane and finally our place only to have to load him back onto the tube in order for him to get home before the trains stopped. It was great to see them.

We have just finished a long weekend, Monday was a bank holiday in gratitude for it being May Day, I guess the banks can call it whatever they want, lets celebrate the fact it is wednesday and shut down, or perhaps a bank holiday because, no reason, just because. We spent saturday reading and writing and looking over the plans for Janes parents retirement home! in preparation for our trek into the English wilderness to visit Oxford. Destpite an early start we didnt arrive in Oxford until about 11:30 a not so quick 1 hour 15 minute long , 45 minute trip and having to wait at Paddington station for 45 minutes because the advertised 15 minute interval trains were actually 1 hour intervals. There is something about english clocks, other than them being on the 24 hour time regime, I cant work it out, When the big hand is…

Oxford was Grand, we strolled around looking at various colleges that some date back to 1173. When the King of England and same of Frenchyland had a tiff over a woman the english students were expelled from Frenchyland. On their return they demanded a university be set up, Oxford was chosen, and not unlike the Israel/palestine conflict the locals did not think much of these students crashing their party. This animosity culminated in the massacre of 66 students by towns folk in a orchestrated retaliation against an earlier frakar within the town between a student or two and similar numbers of Townies. Which gets me thinking, Originally Universities were for the education of religious types, those eclesiastical types learning all there was to learn. So called men of God ( I can say Men here as it wasnt until the 1800’s when womenses were allowed to study and even later when they could graduate) My thought! How could violence occurr between so called religious studies students and the locals.

 Anyhoo the constant fighting and animosity formed the building stock. The colleges, where the students live are fortresses, internally focussed with large tall walls to the streets and small entries opening up onto lush courtyards, whos grass can only be walked on by that particular collages fellows, the queen and the gardener!

We did a great job of being tourists and headed home exhausted after 6 hours on our little legs and two hours seated about Oxford taking it all in.

Monday started as saturday with a little cleaning and more reading, however a grumpy Justin caused a brisk walk though spitalfields, onto brick lane then up to rich mix cinema where we partook in the pleasurable viewing of a film titled, The Lives of Others. A german film about the Berlin communist parties need to know everything about everyone. Excellent film, go see it! OK

Jane has taken up singing, she attended her first practice with the choir last tuesday night, she semed to enjoy it, even though the regulars were a little odd, and were seemingly incensed about the performance of another choir that they performed with recently, much scuttlebutt ensued, but the conductor settled them all down, ohh the conductor with a voice to die for, that all the girls have a crush on and some of the guys too. Well thats how Sarah describes him.

So im now training my voice, lalalalalalal laaaa, mememememememe mmee, wowowowowowowowowo wooo. Ok its not going to work, Ill just beat him up if he sings nicely around Jane! Sideways eyes

Anyway, work is intersting sort off. We are about 3 months at work and are awaiting our 3 month review, It might happen this year! Im documenting and I guess Ill manage the construction of the new office fitout. We are scheduled to move in the next couple of months to Kentish town, well actually we were supposed to move in April and Im still sitting here. My regular project is on hold as I await reports from conservation specialists. Everything happens so slow over here.

Jane is still not happy and is looking for another office, She has been pronmised a meeting with the directors regarding her project as about 5-6 weeks ago a fundamental change has occured to the site.

The directors are recalcitrant, and thats all I have to say about that!






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  1. Insomniac mum says:

    Actually there is a disparity between the Australian minute and the English minute. Every Australian minute is worth 2.178 English minutes, so a task which takes 5 Australian minutes will take 10.890 English minutes. The daily minute exchange rate can also be affected by the weather and time of day, so you will need to check the Minute Exchange Rate in your paper each day in order to know how long it will be before the train to Oxford ACTUALLY arrives.

  2. max's dad says:

    dear dude & dudette, cheers for the fank & pat on the dog & bone the avar night. I was well chuffed to hear from you. The missis & me is dead happy you is bofe settling in well an your gaf looks well nice an omely. Keep safe an all at, will write proper soon like……

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