Hey another update! Can you handle the Payne

OK sorry as I have no photos yet, getting used to how the computers work here so am shy about importing 1 million photos onto my desktop, but Ill ghet over it and youll see some Prague photos soon.

I am only an hour away from leaving tonight for Janes debut at the Royal Albert Hall with the Barts choir. She has 10 friends coming to see her perform so in a single event has managed to outnumber my friends list by a factor of 7.89.  Speaking of friends we have been having quite the social life lately… well for us anyway. last weekend we had a friday night event. Or did we maybe it was thursday and only for me. gee my memory is really bad at the moment. I can’t remember so I wont tell you anything baout it, which may hike your scepticism and lead you to suspect Im as boring as ever and didnt actually do anything. Anyhoo saturday we went to drinks with Simon and Sal after their return from Australia and then back to their new edifice. Their new local is quiet and refreshing just off upper street in Islington, a nice backblock pub with comfy sofas and a warm ambiance. Their Flat is also a lot smaller than ours, which I didnt think would be possible, but it has great windows onto the church yard across the road and a great window from the bedrom into the shower. Oh that was the shower door go figure. Sals plants, shes been collectig really made a difference to the feel of the place so Im on a mission to get more plants to jungleise our place. We have 4 medium pot plants and two chilli plants and 3 sticks of Bamboo growing from the flower vase so Im going to augment them with something else, a fern or five or a cycad or six.

Post drinks and house visiting we trundled off to Dave and Sals for dinner. yet again Sal amaxed with wonderous food with basil on the side, so I don’t die and all, what a memory. We finally got around to opening their pack of uno cards we presented them with for their combined birthdays some months earlier. Of course I won, I havent bothered to tell them or Jane I was actually Uno junior world champion runner up in the Australian regional, victorian sub regional eastern subsection for under 15’s ten years ago so I had an unfair advantage over them. It’s funny how otherwise rational grown adults can so become so vindictive in the pursuit of glory in Uno. They got nasty on me. Anyhow the night ended fine with no real spleen venting or violence, though given half a chance Jane may have launched the card deck at me, despite giving me 12 extra cards the previous round when I hit her with two take two cards in a row. I can only play the hand Im dealt can’t I. Perhaps it would have been better had I not done it with the trademarked maniacle laugh I have perfected. Im such a smug prick! Of course the hilarity extended into the night to the point we missed the last train home, last time this happened we were safe and warm in bed twenty minutes later… this time it was some hour and a bit after. The bus didnt arrive outside their place then it stopped and went again then stopped etc until we finally reached Liverpool street where we walked the remaining fifteen minutes home.

Sunday saw Justin cleaning the house and doing the washing and Jane finalising some christmas shopping by buying some clothes for herself and returning in a panic to undertake catering arrangements for Anya and Eric to arrive for dinner. MMMMM vietnameese cold rolls and laksa she is a talent. Anya works with Jane and Eric is her husband, not Janes, Anya’s. Another loverly evening wazing lyrical and discussing the current Jewish situation worldwide. They both have medium to strong jewish Family ties. Not quite like a Scottish kilt but you know what Im saying.

Then monday we went to the Royal Academy of Arts for a lecture on Ethics, affluencs and Aesthetics. The reason I wanted to go was for a good old fashioned ethical lynching but all we got was a blagging on about the Bartlet school kiddies work (you may remember my feelings about this from my post on their summer exhibition) and some dude trying to justify a design decision by thinking within the square he claimed to be opperating beyond using non cartesian thinking in a purely cartesian way. As with most issues these day the hard ones were ignored to the displeasure of the crowd. I though we were going to get a good old physical lynching at one stage, ‘string em up’ I wanted to yell, then to retreat to the gabions an launch my own barrage of ethical diatribe… eh too hard. But what was nice that Janes office fellows were also there. Actually not sure why that was nice as we barely spoke but it seemed nice at the time.

Since that weekend or maybee it was the event I couldnt remember, I have had the Gr!m-sh-aw office house warming/client party. I cant use/type/spell the offices full name as they have a internet detector spy privacy invader program which searches out and finds new usages of their name and reports back to the marketing department. I know this as one of the girls from marketing bumped into me at the party and spilled the beans, she knew we had been to Prague etc. I hope P/K/$ dont have a shit detector!.. Get it? … as they will find my un-wiseings on that particular organisation and might cry. Rumours abound but another 3 people have left and the drunk Director may be having an affair with one of the underlings. Whatever

To follow up from a previous post… Paul Herzich managed to pull of the Premiers Award in South Australia for his contribution to the state. Well done mate, keep it up and nice photos!

I think I was supposed to write about other things too but I’ve lost them, can’t remember what I was doing , where I was going and why I was doing it. so…


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5 Responses to Hey another update! Can you handle the Payne

  1. Melbourne mum says:

    Congratulations Jane. The Albert Hall yet!. Hope it went well. How come we have never heard you sing in Australia? I think a recitation is in order on your return.


  2. It’s good to have the old Justin musings back 🙂

    [email protected]

  3. Mr Gill-head says:

    Hey Jan_o & Juz,

    Finally been able to track down your blog, makes for very interesting reading. Have been very busy beavers in your first year in Old Blighty, lots of interesting info to be found on your adventures.

    In my new life in Melbourne I have moved from my apartment in South Yarra to the quieter and more prestigious Elwood (got to keep up with the Jones you know).

    Are you guys coming back to Oz any time soon for a visit atleast?

    Would love to get an e-mail from you both best address to use is: [email protected]. If you give me your phone number will give you a call and you can give a proper run down as to how life is treating you both in the big smoke.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Robbie (Gill-head)

  4. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Too late Justin with the mangled spelling! Gumshoes marketing probably have you bookmarked in their favourites for daily reading and your life is no longer your own, so you’re gonna hafta wotchit!

  5. The payne is wearing off… need another shot.

    [email protected]

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