well we are still here but we have a new date to leave. well a pending leavcing date.
If my Italian is any good we will be leaving from Rome on the 24th of April. If my italian is poor we may not be leaving at all.
If Janes english is poor we wont be leaving ever as our application for indefinate leave to remain was submitted along with all our passports etc some time ago, and submitted to an organisation that predicts a window of only 6 months for processing an application we may die here passport-less. it might actually be quicker to marry a local and get a UK passport that way so we can travel. Not only would that be quicker it would be a lot funnier, a better story to tell the grandchildrens, whomever they belong too.
I have operated on the assumption that Janes English is OK and we will get our passports back some time sooner or later so now we need to.
Postiung has been slow around here for a while, Not a lot to mention really, that and Jane discovered photofaceskypebookpalm and spends her evenings posting photos of some fella called ishmail and snow, sometimes the two combined. No he is not english and cannot help get us a passport.
Other than that we are knuckling doen in collecting many things we want before our return, wool, engines, wool and more engines. at this stage the wool and engine pile is substantial. Our shippers don’t know what they are in for do they…
I am not doctor evil, I still like robots and we cant wait to get home.

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2 Responses to HI THERE

  1. Wrap your engines in wool to protect them!

    That is if you ever come back. If your application to remain is granted, what will you do then? Stay longer? 🙁

    [email protected]

  2. Simon says:

    have you decided on your locale on return as yet?

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