Hmmm Adulthood

In one foul swoop I have been dragged into the world of the adult. I didn’t ask for it to happen nor did I go looking for it, but sure as eggs it came crashing down upon me like god striking out in rage at my childhood. Blissfully I have been existing in a world of plenty, of futures and of a carefree existence. Others around me have suffered at the hands of Adulthood, before I fell at its feet, Did I learn from their experiences, No I did not, Many have experienced what I am now, and relayed their stories of grief and worry onto me, Did I listen, No I did not! The writing has been on the wall for some time now, Did I bother to spot and read it, No I did not! So what have I been doing , I have been told, Shown and seen the perils of Adulthood, but my childishness prevented me from taking heed. Truth be known though, what would I have done, how could I have reacted, What change in direction may have averted this paradigm shift in my existence. And in reality, at this juncture as I sit here and write, I only really fear the onset of adulthood, or does this thought mean I am an adult, does the knowledge of such woes, actual or impending make me an adult, or does the act of adulthood only truly occur upon its actual happening. Semantics I know But I may need the fine line I am trying to create to flip flop back into childhood, I’m hoping my innocence may be restored in the coming weeks, but can I be a born again child, Once an adult can I ever experience the joy of ignorance and the times of affluence again. Oh I hope so, but for the next few years I dare say not.You see the other day it was announced at Work that there needed to be some redundancies, when I say some I mean some 30-35 percent workforce cut vertically through the company. The downturn in the economies of the world and in particular the west has seen the bottom fall out of the Architectural market. Daily I oscillate between confidence and dire dread. Will I stay or Will I Go Go.  One day I remember I am the design/project architect on the offices largest job, the next day I think that I tend to alienate people who don’t perform to my expectations, then I realise the client is well impressed but remember that there is no guarantee that despite my best efforts, politics and commercial agreements may stand in the way of the office winning the next stage. But What happens, happens and to live in interesting times is an exciting thing. 

Anyway I’m off to Jane’s performance of the Carmina Burana at the Royal albert hall. 

Will let you know what happens. 



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  1. max's dad says:

    I say that to remind you a childish nature once attributed to you goodself, you should endevour to counteract these thoughts with actions that are in themselves contradictory to said impending adulthood (or atleast thoughts of such). I recomend that these actions be both extreme and subtle in nature. If I may be so brash as to lend my opinion (being that my inner child spends more time out than in), perhaps a purposeful breaking of wind in an elevator just before your floor, or knocking on your bosses office door then hiding around the corner, or spitting from your window upon unsuspecting passers by, or if all else fails (and this is a break glass in emergency only type scenario) you could always start refereing to youself in the third person whilst in the company of your workmates…….the ensuing quiet giggles that you will share withyourself whilst alone will drive out the adult thoughts.

    That being said, you could always grow up………did I say that out loud?? shame on me.

    you’ll be fine mate. take care.

  2. moylee says:

    Justin growing up to beceome a fullyfledged adult, I DON’T THINK SO! It will never happen,

    They make take your innocence, but they can never take your purpose in life, which to this day, I am still not to sure anybody will know the answer too.

    Love ya JP!!!

  3. Justin, see Janes last entry for a childish activity that you can persue. Blow stuff up!

    Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Put a cracker in some dog poo and light the fuse, then hide behind a tree. Passers by get covered in poo, and you have much hilarity.

    But, even though you have middle age spread, receeding hair that is also greying, you will never grow up. Not as long as you keep leaving your toy cars lying about at my house.

    Speaking of which, I’m thinking of taking the boys to learn how to drive speedway, and you toy is just the right size. You don’t mind a few dints do you?

    Either that or mud drags at Romsey. I’ve sure I can get some little mud tires to fit under the guards.

    But in all seriousness, you are not an adult until you have either a child or a mortgage or both. Start catching up slacker.

    [email protected]

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