Home at last

the whirlwind has started and a trail of disaster has been let in our wake.

As we left London was about to be dumped on by a god almighty layering of snow, the largets and heaviest covering for decades. Then yesterday, in Melbourne, the highest ever recorded temperature of 46.4 degrees was felt across a state which erupted in flames, ‘black saturday’ it has been dubbed. Im guessing it was white sunday in London.

Surprisingly we have dodged the bullet twice as we missed the snow, just, which was good as we would still be at Heathrow, and the 2 week long heatwave had passed as we arrived in melbourne. Then yesterdays hell , we had our homecoming party, (Melbourne edition) was undertaken from the confines of an airconditioned house until the 5:00 pm cool change hit home and the party moved outdoors.

As always a number of sore heads arose at various hours of the morning and dissapeared into the now London like overcast melbourne environs.

So only four more days here before we move onto Adelaide and start all again.

See you Adelaide folk after wednesday.

See-you-by<<<< see Im still doing it!

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5 Responses to Home at last

  1. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Maybe that unlucky third bullet is waiting here in Adelaide for you Juz!
    Can’t have you escaping altogether…. It’s cooler here now, but cranking up to 37 by next Saturday, and who knows what after that. Suddenly gloomy old London looks good, doesn’t it!

  2. Justin says:

    Glad to have you with us again Big Juz.

    Although I did try and hack into your london plan admin account and post something that would have been utterly hilarious (as you left the web page open on your mums PC), however I got up to grab a bourbon and when I got back someone had closed it down. Party poopers I say.

    [email protected]

  3. Justin says:

    And so, how is SA treating you? No 46.4 I’ll bet…. 😉

    [email protected]

  4. RM in Adelaide says:


    Still not much rain over here. Sent u pics from Clipsal ?

    Well… u said to leave something, here

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