I am employed again!

At the moment in London it is really easy to be an architect. Its great. Ther is work everywhere for people like Jane and I. I have had several interviews and again offered several positions. One of which was for alot more money than I am getting now, some 20 percent more. However I have gone with quality of work and ethical merit and chosen Grimshaw architects. www.grimshaw-architects.com 

I will be startinmg ther on the 5th of November and finishing at PKS on the 31 October.  Ahh the clever umongst you will notice I have some time off. Jane and I will be spending thursday through Sunday in Prague on a brief weekend away. Looking forward to it greatly.

I will update the other happenings in our lives in a day or two. It has been a little hectic around here over the last month.


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3 Responses to I am employed again!

  1. Ah Grimshaw! Well done old chap. World renowned, award winning architects. You might get to travel the world to exotic destination like Melbourne and design award winning buildings like Spencer St Station….. 😉

    How long is the bike ride for that?

    [email protected]

  2. chris says:


    Let us know all about it when you start. Also I want to read about Prague in detail that means you Jane.

    Lots of Love Chris.

  3. moylee says:

    Hey Justin,

    Glad to see your back in the working ring. Can’t have you bumming around bludging off Jane now. Swift is getting closer, cage is now going in and ECu is being wired up. Have a look at some pics when you get a chance


    Caio for now

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