I have interviews

I start interviews for a new job this week. (full stop and capitals)  The camels back has been broken by a tonne of straw. (punctuation and spelling) Firstly I meet with Grimshaw architects on Monday, this is a cold call interview so hopefully it all goes well and they are looking for a project leader and design architect. Second interview I have is with Rolfe Judd. I di#on’t know much about them other than what I can see on their website, however that looks good enough. I am awaiting a call from two other Architects namely Fielden Clegg Bradley and Shepherd Robson Aarchitects. F.C.B are renouned environmental architects, their style is yet to be determined as right for me  but they were voted best architectural employer last year. Grimshaw is one of the great firms in the world. Quite famous for good work. I think it might be better to come back to Australia having worked for a place with a name than having worked at PKS. PKS who???

Anyway.. Ill update as the week goes by, I hope to have good news and I hope the interviews go like they did when both Jane and I arrived her in the UK.

We hope you are all well, it’s been a little quiet here over the last few weeks.


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  1. You’ll do great I’m sure, but good luck all the same.

    Don’t forget, Bathurst is on this weekend, so take Monday off and watch it live if you can.

    All the kiddies say “Hi Big Jut and Jane!”

    [email protected]

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