I have resigned

I know this isnt really news as I have been blogging it for the last few days, and Im not convinced many are reading it, but yesterday I officially gave PKS the boot. Three strikes and they are out. I gave it my best shot, persistantly putting up with their crap, but I cant take it anymore. And the weight was lifted. Even If I don’t have anywhere else to go at the moment, though prospects are good, I feel so much better. So hopefully the next place will be the right place. Or at least a better place.

Anywho, Jane has managed to solve the Rubicks cube we bough on the weekend and she managed to do it without removing the sticky labels and reapplying them as she threatened. However shes been banned from the backgammon table, leaving me with nobody to play against… Ill need to find an Iranian or Afganisthanni to play against. Dont know why but i think the oldest board game may have originated from that region, so I guess they know how to play. I will beat my mother repetitively one day. (at backgammon, not a turettes outburst of violence) (Hows the grammar and punctuation mum)

Im running a tote on which of the directors will not speak to me for the next four weeks. Im betting on at least two of them and three junior directors as well. We will see 


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  1. Jane says:

    Yes, my life is now complete, having solved the rubik’s cube – although victory would be sweeter had I not used the instructions…

  2. Jane, reading the instructions is just the same as cheating. You big cheat you. 😉

    Juz, well done. It seems to be going around these days. Lots of people I know (myself included) have been putting up with crap jobs for too long and the feeling you get when you leave is just fantastic. Onwards and upwards! Where ever you go, it will be better. Just don’t let the directors know incase they try and get vindictive.

    [email protected]

  3. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Great news Juz, and we want full details of all post-resignation pettiness, being Put into Coventry, super-glue on your chair, lack of farewell pressie/speech/luncheon/gold watch etc. The two D’s would have to be dead certs in the ignoring-you department. All very entertaining for us observers, not so for you perhaps as you have to be there every day for four weeks.
    Anyway, the future looks rosy, two good offers already, and stacks of money on offer, so shake the dust of PKS off your feet and enjoy the next stage of your Great London Adventure.

  4. moylee says:

    Hey Jus, Moving ahead full steam then. Best of luck with the prospects, hope the right one offers you all the fruit.

  5. C’mon dude and dudette, update on progress please!

    [email protected]

  6. Greg Bond says:

    Hey you two.

    I have to admit that i’ve been totally shite and not checked in for a while. no excuses other than ‘freakin’ busy man’! Anyway, just sending in lots of love and to reassure you that we do think of you often…..relatively often…!? the news from this end is that we’re moving house (because our current landlord sucks and we found a fantastic apartment just next to the Mall of the Emirates – the one with the ski-hill) and that we’re both working our guts out. Leisha’s work is completely crap (because her boss and her boss’s boss are both too busy stealing money from the company to do their jobs and Leisha’s left to do all of the, you know….work!) and mine is actually getting better. I’m claytons-project-directing now (the project director you have when you don’t have a project director) and am heading up a hotel/resort spa/conference centre/ golf club/ 1000 villas development located in Spain – too bad we’re only doing concept stuff at the moment though – it would be good to take it all the way through (I could particularly handle doing the site stuff!) Other than that, we’re both counting down until christmas – we’re arriving in London on the 21st, but are hiding away until the 23rd (just in case you don’t remember, our wedding anniversary is on the 22nd – we’ve booked ourselves into some swanky hotel just off oxford st for 2 nights – yay!), but then, we hoping to spend lots of time catching up with our nearest and dearest……that’s you guys, by the way!

    gotta go – lots of work to do – tons of love. G

    ps – just try and tell me another story about the quirks of living through ramadan….i dare you!

    ha ha – love again. G.

    (by the way, I need both of your email addresses again – my outlook crashed and i lost everything about a month ago……doh!)

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