I am middle class!

oooh Im angry!
Do I have ‘dont serve me correctly’ tattooed across my forehead or exude a sense of ‘I dont need fair’
I dont know but somethings amiss!
Asking nicely for a particular table at a restaurant was greeted with a polite but firm no, those seats are for parties of 4 not two as we were. Fair enough in a crowded peak hour rush, but this was a quiet hour. However not 2 minutes after we were showed to our less than acceptable table another couple was showed to the table by the same waitress. Not fair or equitable and watching the VIP’s they ordered no more than we did and certainly perused the menu not like regulars but like anyone else!
More recently I wished to deposit my bag within the cloakroom at a parisien museum, the thin lipped peasent behind the counter would not accept my bag, filled to the brim with janes side bag as it wasnt a back pack…fair enough again, should the shelves not been filled with other peoples side and hand bags! What, Im too tall to deposit my bag, perhaps too good looking or conversely, do I need a handsome handbag to offset my fearsome scowl in order to protect small children, I dont think so, im just a victim of unfairness. yes thats right I am the victim of a conspiracy, that stretches worldwide. I get the noisy room at hotels, only 1 floor above the street, where smokes stand, I get the shower that doesnt work, sure water dribbles out and on occasion it may be semi warm.
why do I insist in standing in the queue knowing full well the queue sidlers, jumpers and hijackers will end up in front of me, and no body will do a thing about it. I do know why I ended up buying 3 meals and 2 drinks in Paris when I just wanted a coke and a quiche, becuase I cant speak Frenchies and could say no no matter how much the waiter person piled into my bag. Technically, would we replay the security camera footage Im sure I either pointed, gestured or asked for all of what I got but surely she noticed I was talking jibberish in school boy Frenchie and would step in and ask if I really intended on ordering one of everythingh?
But I digress, Fairness, does not belong to the middle class, I am middle class and will accept inequity and unfairness, and when witnessing it will complain inwardly but do little other than scowl.
But no more, I want wat is rightfully Mine…Fairness in all my dealings…unless of course the other party disagrees then Ill just tow the line.

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3 Responses to I am middle class!

  1. Marcell Duchamp says:

    What can I say, I am French, non?!?

  2. Melbourne Mum says:

    Have a bad day at the office Juz?

  3. It’s the way of the world these days. Tourists are not treated with any respect. Instead of people thinking ‘show them a good time, look after them and the’ll spend more money, and tell more people to come as a result’

    No, it’s ‘Let’s rip them of becuase they are obviously dumb because they don’t speak our language (ignoring the fact you’ve travelled half way around the world in the first place and must have been smart enought to earn the money to get there), yeah, that will make them want to come back and they’ll want to tell all of their freinds to come here, for sure and I can hold me head up high knowing I’ve done the right thing by my country’

    And it’s not just France. It’s anywhere where you are a tourist… not that I have travelled as much as you, but you read the stories all over the place.

    But I guess it could be worse. In Australia we occasionally murder our visitors so think yourself lucky.

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