Icecream in a Cold Climate

British people are obsessed with icecream, I think it helps them imagine they are in a warmer climate. Is it just that I can’t remember them or have icecream vans disappeared in Australia? They are certainly flavour of the month here, pardon the pun. We hear their joyful chime every day, at work and at home, sometimes twice. The one near home sometimes plays ‘Greensleeves’ and sometimes ‘The Teddy Bears Picnic’¬†(or it might be two rival icecream van teams trying to compete for the patch) which are logical enough choices as child-attracting tunes. The van in Camden where we work must be trying to appeal to a higher-brow opera-appreciating audience however, as it consistently plays ‘oh sole mio’. Maybe they’re sick of small change and are trying to¬†attract a few tenners.

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  1. Calinda says:

    Yep we still have ice cream trucks, but most of them are that Home Ice cream brand rather than scoops and cones.

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