Im hippie scum

We went-a-protesting with the great unwashed. thats right, we are angry at the way things are going so took advantage of the worlds media having their eyes trained on London and got out ther and lent our weight behind climate camp! Ok maybe it got cold and crushy and we left to go home before the police blockades, but we were there and have flyers and leaflets to prove it..ok maybe only 1 small leaflet, I couldnt get to the guy giving out the capatalism means war sticker that I so coveted to emblazen acromm my Sativa hemp bag! So our piercings finally came to some good as we blended moderately well with the crowd of likewise angry people.

I am angry at the economic and environmental vandalism that goes un punished. A handfull of bankers, financial people and company ceo’s engage in dubious if not well covered illegal activity, destroy our economy in a matter of months and get away with it. Some even get massive golden parachutes…’Fred’…for fu…king failing in their job. Jane does her job very well, but unfortunately chose a boutique firm to practice in and as a result of the ‘downturn’ has lost her job, and the prospect of a new job in the building industry is low. This has cost us half our income, we cant quit our lease without great cost so our primary expense remain the same so we are financially hurting despite so called high earnings, we work hard and long hours and are liable for every decision we make professionally for the rest of our lives, unlike the bankers et al. Pity the poor families through no fault of their own have lost their jobs, have kids to feed and may risk loosing everything because of corporative greed, well beyond their control!
So a handfull of protesters smashing a bloody window is incidental to the ‘true vandalism’ the mild mannered stay at home and do the right thing ‘normal’ people ignore.
Its a shame that people who see and think and then act on their perception of inequity, inequality and unfairness are unwashed hippies, full of piercings and tattoos, but these sort of people live alternate lifestyles because of the percieved problems with our society, they dont want to contribute to these problems, in a way they are the thinkers and doers within our society, but the perception by the community of their difference to them is damaging. Sure some of them may be dole bludging, squatters who deliberately cause problems, but I was there and so were many more concerned citizens, some with piercings and tattoos, but mostly without, standing up and being counted for their belief in solutions to the problems highlighted over the last few months.

For whatever good its done we feel better and I hope one day our society will stand up against the wrong and do something.


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  1. A few things I have to say re your post.

    Good on ya!

    I’ve always thought that the current way of running an economy is just a massive pyramid scheme that will fail one day. The world can only support so much growth before we start to see the problems we are seeing, and with no growth everything falls over. Need to limit population and manage an economy without relying on growth.

    Last, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I recon I can screw up these compaines better, faster and cheaper than the current CEOs. Give the job to me!

    [email protected]

  2. Gary, Suzie, Justin, Aiden, Ella and Logan says:

    Happy Easter you two!

  3. moylee says:

    enough with the tree huggin hippie crap, more on the fuel guzzling race car 😀

    hope yu both enjoyed your easter breaks.

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