Im outa here!

It is with a sad heart and heavy head that I announce to the world at large that I have finally succumbed to the dreaded Jane lurgy. That’s right after battling for 3 weeks with all sorts of flues, colds, flushes and finally being diagnosed with Bronchitis I have come down with something similar. Of course my care and attention watching over her and caring for her didn’t help, Next time I’m just going to kick her out on the dirty streets where she gets these diseases. Well perhaps not. However despite not feeling so good I have decided to soldier on and infect as many of the people who I work with in some sort of Shadenfrued sensation pulsing through my sick veins. Which brings me to my next announcement. I will be leaving PKS soon. I have sent applications out for jobs. This time I have targeted businesses rather than go through an agency. This way I get to make the best decision and possibly save the new employer money which they can pay me in agency fees. God i’m a nice guy! I just can’t take their methods and lack of ethics and more importantly their lack of or total disrespect for design…Dear Sir, on ethical grounds I can no longer remain in your employ. Or something like that. Best reason to leave a job I say. well see what happens. Jane is getting better, so don’t panic! Ok panic over. We had David and Alex (Jane’s brother and wife) ((well not Jane’s wife but the wife of David, Jane’s brother, and Jane’s sister in law)) over the other weekend. They are a few weeks into their 3 month world tour and arrived without baggage. I say travelling light is the way to go but these guys took it literally. well perhaps it had something to do with Yankee incompetence that their bags weren’t put on the same plane as them. regardless they appeared and we spent the first Friday of their stay shopping for clothes and teeth brushes etc to get them through the day and into the night of the proms we had booked for us all.Jane, Dave, Alex and I trundled off to the 38th night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, which by now can only be regarded as our turf despite its lack of near proximity to our domicile as we have been there so often. We had ourselves a private box and lived it up with cider and crisps (potato chips) as we watched on from our lofty heights. No idea what the music was a bit frilly or twiddly for me in the most part but when it was good with drums and bass etc it was great. The conductor had nothing on Jane’s quior’s Igor the conductor, but he did show great appreciation of the piece he conducted by offering the script a round of applause. The next few days were spent touring around the local attractions Jane and I had left of our itinary awaiting our Australian visitors. Except I decided to stay back home on the Saturday and await the recalcitrant (thanks ex PM what’s his face) baggage. It arrived and I caught up with the gang and enjoyed a high speed tour of Tower Bridge and the pump rooms. Interesting stuff. Sunday I was forced to go to work buy this place that have no idea about management. It was the weekend of our move from Camden to Kentish town and a week earlier the fools decided a half day on Friday was enough to demand a half day on Sunday. Needless to say I wasn’t happy but like a good little trooper I felled into line and despite the rain rode into the new office Sunday morning did my stuff them left to catch up with the others at the Tower of London where another high speed tour almost resulted in the beefeater at the top of the stairs arresting Alex and her accomplices for going up a stair clearly marked as down. OOOOh we are bad Australians. No wonder they sent us all to the colonies. Though criminalism must rub off as I doubt strongly that the Monks and Halls clans were wards of the state when they arrived upon the Australian soil. The Payne’s i’m not sure about but being French in origin, a fact I am deeply regretting, which makes me a self hating Frenchman by the way, were most likely free settlers or otherwise stupid enough to be caught stealing from the British, which is worse.

Ohh i’m a bitter man!

I have to send special thanks out to Mr Paul Herzich for calling the other day. It’s always nice to hear a real voice (well a digitised version anyway) from home. Hint hint by the way you lot.

We are expecting Dave and Alex back early next week however I think we are going to catch up with them in Cambridge for a punt on the river or something.

Anyway see-you-by

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7 Responses to Im outa here!

  1. Um, have you forgotten that we have called you a few times and chat online just about every 2nd day it seems?

    People would call more often if you HAD A PHONE AT HOME. hint hint. Another hint. A phone gets you ADSL and ADSL gets you video conferncing. Not that it sounds like you would be in a state to talk properly. But hey, now that you are home sick, you can hang around for someone to install a phone line.

    Oh, and get well soon.

    [email protected]

  2. Be a good lad and correct that typo for me will ya? For some reason I always proof read better once I’ve hit the submit button. Damn it!


    [email protected]

  3. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Those Pommy germs have got you again. Two Colonials felled in one hit. Now that transportation is illegal they’re getting more subtle.

    PKS will be sorry when you’re gone Jus, they just don’t deserve quality. But it’s no good sacrificing your integrity, so onwards and upwards to better things. We want all the gory details of the resignation, the pleas and tears from the Directors, the thanks for all you’ve done (in your dreams) and the farewell golden handshake (in your dreams again….)

  4. MR says:

    Ahh the flu, have avoided this round of the plague as I sit in my room at home on my own cadding away. No filthy work colleagues to infect me. Best of luck job hunting. I say work for yourself and you will save energy looking.

  5. FLRPmaster Joergi says:

    Hey Juz..
    I wish you all the best for getting a new job..
    Did you manage to survive the tube strike alright?
    (see )
    .. oh forgot, you’ve joined the hordes of health concious bike riders.. so you shouldn’t have been affected by the strike too much.. 🙂

    In case you haven’t forgotten to drive, here’s something for you to put on your christmas wishlist:


    PS: at the risk of sounding fussy: I suppose with Shadenfrued you mean Schadenfreude.. (it’s not as if you didn’t have any Germans at hand to ask.. 🙂

  6. Melbourne mum says:

    Gee that Joergi is naughty, did you look at the links?. By the way Juz the thing about the will and motorbikes still stands.
    Sorry you’re not well. I did warn you many years ago about girl germs. Seriously, I hope you’re (both) getting better.

    Take care.

  7. MummyWinder says:

    Justin the word is ‘Choir’. honestly man, who taught you to spell?

    As the handy online dictionary states:
    choir /kwa??r/ [kwahyuhr]
    –noun 1. a company of singers, esp. an organized group employed in church service.
    2. any group of musicians or musical instruments; a musical company, or band, or a division of one: string choir.
    3. Architecture.
    a. the part of a church occupied by the singers of the choir.
    b. the part of a cruciform church east of the crossing.

    4. (in medieval angelology) one of the orders of angels.
    –adjective 5. professed to recite or chant the divine office: a choir monk.
    –verb (used with object), verb (used without object) 6. to sing or sound in chorus

    This shoudl be totally understandable to you, it even mentions Architecture, and Jane herself (Choir monk!) (& divine is in the same sentence it must mean her too!)

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