Italy photos are up

Milano and Lake Como photos are up! Just find the Italy photos page in the list to the right…

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes re the award! It helps me to celebrate it long-distance. Hopefully they’ll send me a certificate or something for my portfolio. 

We’ve had a very busy few weeks. On our return from Italy we had a visit from Paul who was over here for a few days en route to Amsterdam for a Landscape Architects conference. Justin decided that he liked holidays too much to go back to work after Italy, so he took a couple of days off and showed Paul around London. I think Paul learnt a lot, including that excessive quantities of alcohol is not the best way to deal with jetlag. Also in London at the same time were Anthony (from WBA) and Leah, staying with Simon and Sal. We caught up with them quite a bit, including a picnic in Kew Gardens. They are travelling in Europe for a couple of months and will be staying with us on their return trip through London in late August. Two scholarship travellers in London at the same time!

Work is going well at the moment for both of us, I am finally on my own project – well not my design but I’m doing the detailed design and documentation. It’s a million pound summer house for wealthy aristocratic clients – so much for my socialist egalitarian architecture-for-all leanings… It’s a once in a lifetime project so may as well get a good experience from it!

My next choir performance is tomorrow night at the St Augustine Cathedral in Queensgate near Sough Kensington, we are doing lots of Handel – the Dettingen Te Deum, and two Coronation Anthems including The King Shall Rejoice and everyone’s favourite, Zadock the Priest. Should be a good performance, they’re great pieces of music. Hope it goes well!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jane,

    Good to hear from you. I was wondering if you’d both dropped of the face of the earth as the updates have slowed down in recent times. What are the plans for the next tour?

    [email protected]

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