Its about time

for those of you wondering whats been happening… well wonder no more…Im here to tell you.

Since christmas we toured ireland. Have a look at the photos over there! Needless to say we saw some amazing things, especially ruins. Whats with that country (stand up comic moment there) everyone has a castle, an abbet or a tall round house in either their back yard or front. we didnt go a minute without identifying some sort of ruin. Not like the Australian intercity outback, littered with ramshakle hay sheds and redundant stone out buildings, but full on ancient ruins of history. The most impressive in my mind was earlier on in the trip. The rock of Cashel emerged from the landscape looming over us upon a rocky outcrop overlooking an equally impressive ful size abbey ruin. Maybe it was my favourite as it allowed the driver…me to win that days spot the ruin, where extra points were awarded for mists, circling crows and majesty of the ruin, not to mention being on the wrong side of the car. ooyhyeah.

Driving a 1.6 litre toyota corolla with fully paid, non excess owing, insurance of impunity was. oh how do I say this…fantastic. It had been quite some time. but more of driving later. Well other than to say being directed by 3 map readers was quite an adventure, especially at night through the narrow country lanes trying to avoid the enevitable toll road that we had already crossed by paying the people that should be paid. Of course the 3 navigators were Jane of course and Dave and Alex who had joined us for christmas and the following rew weeks of journeying through Ireland.

We did ireland in a clockwise fashion, flying into Dublin and driving out 3 days later to visit cashel , onto cork, for new years eve celebrations, only just managed by 4 weary traveller/ravellers. Then onto Galway, derry and into Belfast via Giants causeway before making our way back to Dublin for a flight to Glasgow where we stayed for a few more days before jane and I headed back to London to prepare the house for moving while dave and Alex explored a bit more of scotland.

We had to come home to prepare for our impending house move from the tower to jsut around the corner. And before we all panic we have an Indian restraunt almost next door, this time its behind us, and we have a literal corner store not to mention the two local city boy gentlemens clubs (yes plural) and like 5 pubs within 2 minutes walk and the obligitory childrens school. Oh what a complex system of planning this city has. Im thinking of getting permission for a piggery or perhaps a nuclear power station. would fit right in. The rent, bles sit is significantly lower, the Tower house agents are dimwitted and ignored the impending crash, wouldnt agree to new lower terms to our satisfaction so now can deal with an empty flat. And we hope it stays empty, in a schadenfreud kind of way! I love schadenfreud, and I bet it loves me.

Once we moved, a week later of course we came home for 3 weeks. You mostly were there so I wont write about what we did with you guys other than to mention I got to go racing for a day at winton.

It was great to see you all and hope we get the chance to do it again soon. ie get your butts over here

Anyhoo since weve been home work has been very hectic, typical of leaving for a few weeks everything backs up and need sorting. Not to mention I have been offered a very good proposition at another firm. I cerrtainly needs consideration and discussions with Grimmies Ill keep you all updated.

anyway enoiugh for now, dont forget to have a look at the photos.


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  1. Very nice photos, but you all look cold. Care to explain the close up of the rock and upsidedown Justin?

    [email protected]

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