It’s all about the little things

Congratulations to all those that have sprung children over the last month or two, you know who you are.

Well done to those that have bought houses this month.

Well it’s been a busy few weeks with catching up with people now we have the internet. When I say busy I mean I have made contact witha few of you via skype or msn and not done a lot else really. Jane is still working like a slave, and it may appear that her boss has begun to realise how right Jane is and how wrong the other guy might be. Of course Jane thinks shes to busy to go to the doctor and get fixed for the flu shes breeding.

But while Jane is away I get to play. and ebay has been my pasture for the last month and a half. it’s addictive! the old addage rings true. Dont leave justin alone with a credit card for too long otherwise an engine will start growing inthe corner of the lounge.

I hada  couple of days off this week due to illness. cant seem to shake my throat infection so another trip to the doctor to secure more anti-biotics. I had to bargain witht he doctor to get enough to make me better. I had 5 days worth last week and as soon as I ran out I got sick again, This time she offered another 5 days, I said how about some more, she said 7, I said ten she said no I said yes and low and behold I have 10. Of course she declared that any intestinal issues I may have as a result are on me. dont care, I cant stand the sore throat, sniffles inability to speak or breath at night and headaches all at once. So Im on the road to recovery, much to the dismay of my work collegues. They enjoyed the silence I believe

Work is fun at the moment. Not sure im doing it the way they intended but I sit all day sketching with pen and paper and give the hand sketch to one of my minions who turn it into a presentable 3d model or photoshopped image. and the client is happy, the boss is happy so we are all happy. I like work this month!


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7 Responses to It’s all about the little things

  1. Ah, back to the old Juz we know and love. Spelling, grammar, flu and cash be gone!

    But between the two of you, I believe an engine is more usefull to grow than bugs. Get well.

    [email protected]

  2. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Pleased to hear that you are a Happy Chappy at work Juz. It’s taken a while to achieve that Nirvana, and now we just have to hope that Jane can get there too eventually.
    Have only just spotted the new pages on the Culinary Guinea Pig and the Freestyle Knitting – definitely cold-weather pages, all those hot soups, beanies and scarves when it’s 36 degrees here!
    Shall gloss over the joys of the Nightmare page, although I’m sure it has its devotees!

  3. chris says:

    What is this Nightmare page that I have seen mentioned more than once?


  4. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Chris, look on the top right hand side of the London Plan opening page for the link to Jane’s Nightmare. Look and weep!!

  5. Adelaides fastest Barina says:

    Wheres an update? Been hanging out for a good read and laugh JP!


  6. Adelaides fastest Barina says:

    PS. Janes nightmare is my kind of heaven! mmmm!

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