its been a bit quiet around here

is anyone out there other thanour mothers and gaz. Ok so Jorg’s been here a bit but seriously, where is everyone. Without a wider audience it is difficult to update these pages. We speak to our mothers regularly so we hear from them enough to keep them up to date…but the rest of you…out of sight out of mind…dont you love us anymore…are you all that busy?

drop us a line and let us know whats going onin your lives…we miss you.

last weekend was another bank holiday monday, saturday we made the most of the good weather and  made our way southwards to a golf driving range. Between jane and I we smashed 100 balls into oblivion, picture happy gilmore…thats me, I play golf like full body contact baseball. As part of our Milan/lake como trip in June the boys are hoping to get in a round of golf at the local famous course. So apractice was onthe cards…as most of you will know Im not much the golfer, hitting a ball away fromme only to have to go find it or pay for another one casuse its lost tends not to rank highly in my prefered activities. But the oppertunity to smash stuff couldnt be passed up. Unfortunately I wasnt able to fulfill my dream if driving it through the netting at the end of the range…but it wasnt for lack of trying, ball velocity or skill, more to do with an unrealistic goal. If only I could aim the bloody thing Id be ace!

Post golf was spent relaxing at the local halfway house pub before returning to ours for BBQ (oven cooked) vegan skewars on Mashed Potato and a deliocate garden salad and to engage in the eurovision crap song contest. As ever the performances with gusto butthe songs were poor to say the least. heaving boosoms behind scantilly clad frocks, or bulges in white trousers, we saw it all. Our only saving grace is we were able to get drunk.

Which was something we couldnt do to save us the preceeding week. Tyhe previous Sunday waas the Cremaster Cycle. A surreal, obtuse series of art films which ran for 8 hours. 5 films spread over 10 hours, mnost of which was non-sensical without cheat notes was surely and experience. Needless to say it was beautiful, odd, strange and bizare. check here for a little taste if you dare Its the only time it has been played back to back in UK cinemas for several years as there are only 5 legal copies of the films in existance. as pecial occasion worth the movie butt at the end of the day just to say we have seen them.

On sunday just gone, we visited the Museum at Docklands to gain a further insight to ‘Jack the ripper’ and the east end. We are more interested inthe east end as our street really is part of the history. apart from a part name change in the early 1900’s or late 1890’s it has remained as is since a long time ago, so long I dont know how to tell you. Several murders of the whitechapel murderer (jack) were commited within a 5 minute walk and during the period the street played host to the poorest of the poor, and is only minutes away from the Worst street in London…Dover street! Ok so its not really famouis or anything but its been there for a long time and appears on all the maps dating back a lot longer than European Australia.

Work is good, socialising is good, everything is good so let us know whats going on.


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  1. busy busy busy. Too much going on to be able to talk about it here, and not stuff I want everyone to read 🙂

    Got your turbo yet?

    I got an email from a cousin of mine in the UK somewhere. She sent me a family tree dating back to the 1600s. If you feel like visiting a cemetery and taking some photos of headstones, let me know 😉

    [email protected]

  2. justin says:

    let me know Mr W.
    If its in our travels or an interesting place im your man. If like janes family tree tracing its almost next door well be there too.

  3. Heaton Cemetery, Bolton is the place that lots of Winders are buried. It’s a fair hike from where you are….,+bolton&ie=UTF8&ll=53.265213,-1.494141&spn=6.928163,18.149414&z=6

    [email protected]

  4. Also, my cousin, Janette is in the UK as of about now. Isle of Man for some motorbike race, and then some travel.

    [email protected]

  5. Hmm. seem to have lost a comment. Ah well. Was going to provide a google maps link. Winderses are in Heaton Cemetery, Bolton. A long way from London.

    [email protected]

  6. ah bugger. Can you please fix up that typo for me? Winders, not Windes.


    [email protected]

  7. Eliz says:

    Hola J & J,
    Truely not much going on at this end either (Adelaide has gone into post Festival recovery and hibernation all at the same time!)…. Lets see, Sea & Vines maybe this weekend, RAIA Awards in 2 weeks (looking forward to drunken fun, hehe) but other than that and a ridiculous work load not so much is new. Sounds like you’re both good, managed to kick those colds yet? And there is fun to come with trips and the like… have a great time, I’m looking forward to hearing about Radiohead, been a very long time since I saw them and I really like the new (well newish) album.
    Anyways, keep up the news, we may not respond, but we do read, hehe!
    Cheers guys, until next time.
    Eliz : )

  8. FLRPmaster Joergi says:

    Hey Juzzo,
    don’t stop writing here. I quite enjoy reading what you’ve been up to, especially when work’s going on my nerves..
    OK we have caught each other on Skype once, but hey..

    Nothing exciting is happening here.. well, we did enjoy a visit of the Lindreas (Nathan’s parents) a couple of weeks ago. I just hope, you’re better at calculating the time difference from here to Australia. They called Nathan in Melbourne at 5.20 a.m as they couldn’t figure out the time diffence.. (Not that I didn’t tell them..)
    They told me you had Aldi in Australia as well, there’s even one in Bendigo.. Kind of ruins my plans of establishing a black market trade route to smuggle Gummibears to the German expats in Australia.. damn..

    Speaking of which: The other large discounter in Germany, Lidl, has a special on this week: They sell English food specialities.. (Greasy fish and chips, pre-drowned in rancid oil and frozen, steak meat pies and the like..) Makes you wonder what these people are thinking. I mean there’s a number of things to Export from the isles: Whisky, Guitar-heavy pop music, Soul musicians with drug problems (which still make better music than most sober musicians here), cars where your normal wrenches don’t fit, .. but food?

    Anyway, got to go, I have to pretend to work some more.


  9. Melbourne Pa says:

    I don’t think we will proceed with Trentham – the cost to return equation is not good enough.
    I start as a courier next week – I’m in the process of selling off all of the trucks and as soon as practical I will shut the bsiness down. This may mean I’m doing two or three jobs for the next year or so, so I won’t be around much to write again, let alone read your blog.
    We’re hoping to get to the US later this year to test the Michaels mobile home for a couple of weeks. We’ve also got Scoresby on the market but after two monhs not much action. Everything has gone dead at present – business is dreadful and nothing much is happening in any area. I fear we are in for a recession in Australia within the next 6 – 12 months, not aided by an incompetent socialist governmentthat will destroy small business with over zealous occupational health and safety legislation.
    On a brighter note I’m sure there is one. Gotta watch teevision.
    See ya
    Melbourne Daddy

  10. Adelaides fastest Barina says:

    I’m still here, but I don’t seem to get emails/ replies anymore. Are my emails getting through?


  11. Calinda says:

    That’s right people, all our good work ruined, just cos Justin makes some idle threat you all start messaging them. The less we write the more they miss home and the sooner they come back!!!! Lets stick to the plan from now on. But since I’m writing now anyway… I read the blog all the time, I’m just holding out on the replies. Love you and miss you, but its so great to be able to see how much of a great time you’re having so keep writing.

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