It’s even closer to Christmas

Good day to you all.

I am under the strictest of orders that my grammar and punctuation is to be exemplary, my spelling however will not be checked in protest.

It was nice to have a decent length conversation with my mother the other day (yes mum it is you of whom I am speaking) I was missing home, as you could all expect with the current global alignment for christmas, so a long discussion was just the antidote to what I have termed ‘the other side of the world for christmas in the middle of winter blues’. Needless to say, though Im going to say it, oh yes its coming, wait for it, look at all the punctuation, it’s getting bloody cold over here. The office in which I work who’s name I can not use has a heating system dating back to 2007, oh yes it’s that old. And it does not work where i sit, infact it does not seem to work anywhere. I believe they are waiting for the warranty to run out before they have it modified, as rumour has it that they have had tried to have it fixed to no avail. Of course this is incidental coolness compared to the morning commute. I try and use the bike every day now, unless the precipitation warns otherwise. After about 15 minutes in the saddle it is not that cold, however I only ride for 14 minutes at the moment, the new office is much closer than the old to home.

We have been negotiating witht he landlord who wanted a hefty 10 percent increase in the rent, despite the property value decreasing. the 24/7 concierge is lucky to spend 24 hours over 7 days at the reception desk, thus increasing the risk of mail and packages going missing, all the while¬†not preventing ¬†strangers gaining access into the building. The furniture supplied is not fit for purpose, or is falling apart already etc, etc, etc. So we are looking around the upper street area as its closer to janes work, there seems to be alot for rent in the area it’s now a matter of taking th eplunge believing we will find what we want.

Anyhoo, just a short one and as you can see punctuation is not my strong point, especially when im writing so my brain hurts.


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  1. Hey Big Juz, Got a tip for you. Write your speal in Word and let it correct everything for you, then just copy’n’paste it all into the blog.

    Sounds like it’s time to move on and get a place with some modern technology in it…. like a teleophone.

    [email protected]

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