It’s nearly Christmassssssss

Hello everybody.

Hello Dr Nick

The last few weeks have been difficult to get used too.The world is changing for us at an unprecedented rate. The alarms still go off at 7:00 am but the sun is no where to be seen, well actually it has been AWOL all year so far, but there was always evidence of its existence, the ability to see, gave its presence away, however lately, especially at the time the alarm jolts us from sleep there is no evidence at all, its almost pitch black. Well it would be had we not taken a flat in the centre of London, as the eerie incandescent glow and fluorescent shine of the surrounding empty office blocks allows me to close the windows, turn the heater on, turn the dvd burner off from its post midnight recordings and prepare the house for the imminent rising of the Jane. Usually the wait is too much so I go back to bed and kick her out some 20 minutes later…otherwise she’ll be late for work.

If the lack of wake up light was bad enough the go to sleep darkness descends at the god awful hour of 4:30 and predictions have it that it might retreat earlier and earlier until the winter solstice of December 22. At this stage I’m estimating a winter day as short as half a blink, which co-incidentally was as long as summer. An interesting correlation, interesting indeed.

Christmas is beginning to grip most of London, the Guy Faulks fireworks of early November have turned to ostentatious displays of Christmas lighting displays along the streets, in shop windows and no doubt across flat frontages almost all over town. However being in a Muslim area there is no sign at all that any Anglo semi-religious event is about to take place, yet come Christmas day, the tube, the buses and all forms of transport shut down, Ill be surprised if essential services like telephone, police, hospitals and of course power are working, and christmas being 3 days after the winter solstice we need power, we need lights, we cannot celebrate whatever we celebrate on December 25 in this country without light, and I mean more light than naturally will occur, some 15.8 seconds worth. Of course this should not be an issue, as half the city doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so they can drive the trains planes and automobiles…but this is England, they have their cake and get to eat it too. Ramadan came and went, but almost everything continued unabated, or at least there were replacement services, yet Christmas will come and go and everything will stop. Where is the fairness, where is the equity, where is the love. I guess I am most bothered by this as for christmas day we are heading to Dave and Sal’s in Holloway oldskool style…By foot. Again this shouldn’t phase me bar the fact there will be no sun to guide our way, the street lights wont be illuminated as any spare power left in the grid will be sucked dry by the window displays and street garnishing along Oxford street and it will possibly be snowing. Like an olden day arctic explorer we may die in the dark cold exposure of inner north east London.

I have had a couple of interesting weeks at work. My project doesn’t look likely to take of until the new year, they are struggling a bit to find things for me to do, plus the lead up to Christmas has stopped me from completing a complete week in front of my desk. This week I had too days in a presentation skills seminar, where we honed our presentation skills on film and had the joy (sarcastic) of watching ourselves back to have the positives pointed out to us of our style. yeah right it was a shooting gallery, too fast, too many ums, not addressing the audience, mumbled words, you look like your having a myocardial infarction! And these were our good points. Anyway the two day seminar finished off with a 10 minute presentation on anything we wanted and a critical assessment based on what we had learnt. With 6 in the class, mostly from my floor level and team, I think i stood out as quite natural and comfortable as a public speaker. I couldn’t be bothered chasing old work related  topics and had no images worth showing and as it turned out don’t have powerpoint on my computer so the morning of the presentation I changed tack and decided to present the cardboard box. History, construction and uses. I proved that if you say it well and with authority that anyone will believe you.

Anyway, last week i was invited to lunch with the midfield pier team, who had completed the milestone of a design submission, so friday was a write off as 18 of us dined in a local restraunt into the late afternoon and then my early departure, back to work was interrupted by the final in the Offices table football championship game. The four players were the nerdiest guys in the office, it was disturbing really. The preceeding week I had the induction lunch with the managing director and key staff, of which about 8 newbies attended. Then last tuesday we had a risk awareness seminar, again for the newbies. Next week we have the annual pre christmas ofice party so I dare say my first two months will be filled with short weeks, seminars, training sessions and christmass cheer.

Jane has been sick again, though I say again it was over three months since the last time. A similar sore throat. Though this time i convinced her early to see the doctor, she did and is now rapidly on the mend. She continues to struggle at work. The building shes forced to work on is a half assed attempt at construction, led by a guy who appears not to know what he is doing and he appears to be looking for scapegoats, Jane disagrees with most of what he does as its just a bizzare way of doing things , and invarably, as has been proved numerous times so far, he is wrong, or if not wrong the far side of right. Of course she doesn’t like him, he doesn’t like her so she fears hes undermining him to Sarah. I doubt this will stick as he has managed to alienate other members of staff to the point of tears in some instances. Anyway she soldiers on, despite herself she tries to drag the project over the finishing line in a better state than is possible given her position. A real trooper.


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3 Responses to It’s nearly Christmassssssss

  1. Ouch. That hurts. I’d sleep until the sun came up. Reminds me of donwstairs in Ringwood.

    Jane, trust me on this one, keep a diary of everything the tool does. It will help you out if it ever gets unfair.

    Hope you enjoy your first christmas without the heat. Rug up boys and girls, I’ll video conference you in from the heat that will be christmas in Australia.

    [email protected]

  2. FLRPmaster Joergi says:

    Hey Juzzo,

    I have to show this to Franzi. She’s been treated to a communications and public speaking seminar by her Uni, including taping the speeches for analysis. She hates the prospect of that.. 😉

    Gary: it’s not called christmas without the heat, it’s called proper christmas.. 🙂 (We had quite a bit of snow here last week, but it’s gone already).
    I wonder, how Justin will like it, when he finds out that the suet for the plum pudding is actually rock hard in christmassy temperatures..


  3. Global warming with cure you of the silly notion that Chirstmas should be cold 😉

    [email protected]

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