Jane the media Mogul

Jane did an interview for ABC radio last week. Here is the Blog link


She is almost famous


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  1. Awesome. Who put you up to that? Let me guess….. your mum!

    [email protected]

  2. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Gaz, I plead Not Guilty M’Lud.
    It was actually her uncle, who is a regular listener to the programme & dobbed her in!

  3. Jane says:

    Did anyone notice the intro text on the website saying that Stonehenge was built ‘over more than 1000 years ago’? I have emailed them to correct this so it may update soon, but I think that’s brilliant. No, not the tautology, but the date.
    It’s kind of nice to think of these well-meaning but backward folk assembling Stonehenge around the same time as others were starting on the great European cathedrals. I’m picturing a fur-clad neolithic fellow standing back to view his project, saying “Ogg!” which loosely translates as “look at my fantastic Trilithon with mortise and tenon connections!”, to which some snooty european in curly-toed shoes says “Absit invidia, de gustibus non est disputandeum! Tua magnum opus ne quid nimis, experto credo… Quo vadis?” * which is roughly along the lines of “No offense mate, but there’s no accounting for taste! Your handiwork shows a distinct trend towards Mies van der Rohe’s Less is More philosophy, believe me… Where on earth will this minimalist style take us?”
    I think the Stones would have been a little more impressive oh, maybe 4500 years ago…
    (* yes he’s speaking Latin, it’s around the time of the evolution from classical latin into mediaeval liturgical Latin – all the posh people were speaking it then…)

  4. Now you’ve just showing off 🙂

    [email protected]

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