Janes Nightmare updated 30/06/08

This page is dedicated to objects giving Jane restless nights. Ill update as more arrive!

engine in the corner on stand

head, cams and pulleys

head and cams 2

AP Racing 7.25 inch triple plate clutch will clamp 660Nm of torque

Ah the new clutch

new turbo vs old turbo

new xspower 70mm inlet housing and .66 trim 16 blade turbine, rebuilt core with new .48 trim compressor wheel and shaft.

standard t34 should be good for 350, this may do 390hp depending on actuator and ecu.

old vs new

 new garrett compressorwheel and seal plate on rebuilt core.

rebuilt core

T34+ garrett turbo ready for action


new ARP head studs and Main bearing cap bolts, to augment ARP big end bolts and ARP flywheel bolts


main bearing caps studs

ARP big end bolts

Double valve springs and close to new valves

Double valve springs

 Newly powdercoated rocker cover

black rocker cover

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