Justin’s 2010

My top 5’s for 2010

1: Driving the Nurburghring
2: Visiting Family after easter
3: Anne’s visit (yes really)
4: Rock on seine Paris
5: Architecture Biennale Venice

1: Getting sick in morocco
2: Stress at work
3: Not travelling enough
4: the cold
5: being so far away

Top 5 Albums:
1: Alice in Chains – Black gives way to blue
2: VAST – Me and you
3: Audioslave – Audioslave
4: Marina and the Diamonds – the Family Jewels
5: Static X – Wisconsin death trip

Top 5 Television shows:
1: Lost
2: Survivor heros vs villains
3: F1 coverage
4: Big bang theory
5: American Hotrod?

Top 5 tourist Attractions:
1: Muse Dorsay Paris
2: Muse De Rodin Paris
3: St Marks square Venice
4: Doges Palace Venice
5: Pantheon Paris

Top 5 proud moments:
1: Jane singing at the royal Albert Hall – again
2: Spending time with my sisters kids and seeing them grow into exceptional people
3: Greg’s leaving speach
4: breaking down International language barriers
5: Janes striving

Top 5 toys:
1: Fuji track Bike
2: Playstation 3 Grand tourismo
3: TA04 TRF
4: Tom Tom Sat nav
5: Ipod

Top 5 forums:
1: RSmotorsport
2: Turbosport
3: Classic ford
4: Old shool ford
5: The London plan

Worst 5 personal events:
1: Night of pain followed by month of yuk – morocco
2: Arguing with Armed policeman in isolated Moroccan mountain pass
3: Dermotologists diagnosis
4: Work
5: Hearing about mums hospitalisation

Most frustrating moment:
My director throwing my bonus cheque over my shoulder onto my desk after having sat with all other staff members, somewhat annoyed I was at meetings and not able to attend the last minute summons!

Most exhilarating moment:
first pass of the carousel Nurburghring

Biggest dissapointment:
Mark webber only number 3!

Most exciting event:
Track riding weekend at Newport international velodrome

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  1. Happy Birthday Big Juz, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you both!

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