Lots of little things this week

At first look last week went by without much happening. A closer investigation sees Jane and I fitting into London life quite well.

One of the more interesting things we did was to spend wednesday evening at the Royal Albert Hall with the Barts Choir and the new Queen’s hall Orchestra as they performed Berlioz and Saint-Saens with oomlas (sp) over the e!

You know the Royal Albert Hall, ‘How many holes does it take to fill the albert hall?’ Anyway its quite fancy and an interesting building where its round and you approach your door via the outside rather than an internal covered walkway. We were supporting Sarah, who stayed with us in 2005 at Medindie Gardens. She has performed with the Barts choir for a few years so we thought we should get along and be friendly with our English friends. The organ is as big as the building I work in whick is 4 storeys tall, It was huge and quite impressive. I stand by my organ ststement though, I love a great big organ that plays individual notes but Im not convinced the organ drone is my cup of tea. The orchestra was magnificent as was the Timpany drummer, not alot to do  but did it with passion and commitment. After every run of notes he would lean forward, ear to skin and tune the drums. Thats a passion for great sound. Im still not sure what the conductor really does. None, and I mean none of the preformers that I could see from 12 rows back bothered to look at his conducting. But Im no musician, perhaps they could sense the air preassure change from his flailing arms and hands, modified through differing hand positions and gusto. It was a very cultural evening.

It is interesting that we did this as the saturday before we had walked around the neighbourhood on one of our exploration walks, seeing the albert monument, ghastly in a cool sort of sculptural way. Love sculpture, didnt like the overall monument, go figure. Of course once you go somewhere for the first time or again after an absence somehow it becomes the focal point of your life for a while… well it does for me. The walk through Hyde park on the hottest day of the year so far, 22 degrees was an eye opener. Thousands of Londoners in Bikinis, topless, shorts, thongs etc and us in black jeans etc. It was great weather, they were hot we were comfortable,we get our own back during summer as they swelter we cruise. Ha ha. We circled the serpentine dodging 2.7 million roller bladers, well it was probably like a thousand who went past many times and a few really fast ones that added to the general blur. Roller blading is obviously the cool thing as  people were trying to learn it despite having no co-ordination, I guess its something you do to be seen. Anyway we shyed away from being seen and lunched in Kensington Gardens near the London Lamborghini.

Then last sunday Jane and I found ourselves again in the area as we went to the science museum. So far we have seen the story of steam and materials, and a whopping 747 front suspension system! Oh yeah mechanical stuff. Of course we could have gone to the V&A across the road or the Natural history Museum next door but Jane has developed a small cold and needed time to relax and recuperate (dont you agree) In order to get better so we Lunched again in south Kensington before retiring home through the masses of post London Marathon participants and witnesses. A young 22 year old fitness trainer died in the sweltering heat this year… From over hydration.. For the record it was 22.5 degrees.

I have begun the process of purchasing transport. A Biycle could prove to be very usefull addition to my life. London and greater London is relatively flat and small. We live 3.6 miles from work so a quick 20 minute ride would be good for me. And then access to the surrounds of London within an easy 1 hour ride. There are many cycle tracks and paths to almost everywhere so getting out and about  may be more possible. I initially thought of a Motorcycle (Ducatis are cheap here) but finding somewher to store it overnight will be difficult and parking it on the street at work would be impossible so  a bicycle which can be carried up stairs to home or the office is probably the way to go. Might make me more fit, so as summer is coming It might be a plan. Now do I go carbon fibre or Aluminium????

Anyway a quiet week, or a week that I have forgoten many things as its now wednesday has gone, Jane is getting better, we had Anzac Biscuits for morning tea and explained to the poms what it was all for. So happy ANZAC Day Aussies and remember what it all means.


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4 Responses to Lots of little things this week

  1. Insomniac mum says:

    Next time it’s HOT and you’re feeling masochistic, try cramming into a mainline (above-ground) train carriage at rush hour with 300 strap-hanging Poms (armpit exposure) who may or may not have had showers ……

  2. Justin says:

    Oh please no! Im really getting a bike now. This morning we were crammed like that, fortunately it was much cooler so no sweat. But they still haven’t showered.

  3. Do Poms shower? I thought that was just a rumour? 😉

    Go the bike Big Juz. You might make it to Medium sized Juz if you ride every day.

    I can still see you in black jeans when it hits 30. Make sure you get some sunglasses to pretect you from the glare of sun reflecting of white skin.

    How’s the wireless ISP progressing?

    [email protected]

  4. Paul Herzich says:


    Riding a Ducati up and dwn stairs could be fun! Do you have a license?

    I was told once that Poms shower by peeing into a fan – Is that true???


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