merry christmas

Aberystwyth…Oh yeah spelt right first go,However  I am not getting the hang of the welchies language, unlike my not getting the hang of frenchies or pommies! what is is with me and foriegn language. At least I can tell you what size spanner to use on a cosworth conrod bolt from 1992. (12mm 12 point by the way) I still cant spell so hold ont your hats. its my birthday and typo-prevention-girl is falling asleep on my shoulder. well in case you havent worked it out we are in the seaside village of Aberystwyth mid west coast of Wales. Its christmas eve, we have decided to stay another night as they are open and we were unsure of the possibilities of accommodation further north, where 60 percent of the people speak welsh as a first language and as I speak english as a poor language we though  it wise to stay put.  

yesterday we toured from st davids where after waking to another full english breakfast (well it was on offer but beans or eggs on toast after all this time away is like too much….just too much for my tummy to handle) we visited st Davids cathedral and the adjoining Bishops palace. the cathedral, nigh on collapsing was showing allarming twist along the nave walls and floor such that additional butresses have been added along its length more recently in its current 1000+ year old guise. the floor to the nave and aisles must have fallen nearly 750mm from the crossing due to what I have to guess is subsistence. the palace, like all palaces was a compisatorary device for men with engorged…egoes, a way of showing off to other similar sub pathetic egos how they abused and controlled the local and not so local parishiners. The cathedral, the centre of a diocese which covered half of wales was ruled by the bishop who like a war lord, or just plain bad king who taxed, enslaved and probably…well you all have imaginations…their followers. Anyway it would have been an impressive sight, but like against all royals I think I would have led an unsucesfull uprising, been hung drawn and quertered and forgotten. but my name would have lived on. 

For the first time in all my travels I came across a Payne coat of arms anda brief history of the name corroborating the family belief. though there may be more to it, this has rekindled my desire to find out more so if you have any knowledge oft he non American side let me know…Ok even if you have US knowledge let me know (leeds castle) 

Payne coat of arms

Payne coat of arms

Anyhoo which is not welsh by the way, we got in the car and drove to see a Dolmen in Newport 4 and then another nearby called pentre ifan  which is the largest and best preserved Dolmen in wales, and this is also the location in the Pressely hills from which the stonehenge stones come from. Oh this history stuff is all too hard. the spring base plate nut is 11/16th use an open ended ring spanner otherwise….oh just try it.

a doleman in the landscape

a doleman in the landscape

Then we rushed to a small church in Nevern, 1km of the main road a small town with a dark past…I added the dark past for effect…were you intrigued? they have this tree which bleeds, an wales’ tallest celtic cross and some old latin/ogham inscription all within the grounds of st Brynach, we were too late to go nside so they missed out on my 3 pounds! while we were in town we though wed leave and come back twice looking fo th eancient Nevern castle, otherwise known in welsh as nevern castle (nanhefeyn castle actually). as it turns out we passed it several times but could not either see it, heavily overgrown or the sign as it was blocked by a tree poacher, yes folks thats right a poacher of trees, but we foooled him as we gently placed his saw against the fence so on his return he found it, wasnt angry and didnt come huntinjg us down in the dark, gloom of a just post freezing country evening amongst the overgrown mounds of ex castle! dont worry Anne i have been practicing my Ninja pleads of mercy and no crazed tree poacher was going to harm your daughter, me on the opther hand was probably going to be mercifully slain at the alter of real men!
any way the gods of lost paochers tools was appeased and we thankfully saw no more of said poacher, who in truth was probably a nice man who could not have been more helpfiull or less scary but this part of the story was nowhere as good as the last so you decide…choose your own understanding. this is like a book, the blog, that si so I am not a liar but a story teller, a bard if you will.
so a long drive later we arrive where we are, which is here, now and we had my birthday which comprised storming castles, dodging waves, seeing how life was, walking the town and finally eating pizza and post writing.
Once, twice or Thrice

Once, twice or Thrice

 Thanks to those who took the time to ring me today, as always it is great to hear from you all in real life, I do appreciate it. and thanks to those who did send presents. I look forward to our return to allow me to engage with them. 
So happy christmas or something.
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2 Responses to merry christmas

  1. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Great wide-angle photos Juz. The thing I especially like about the dolman one is that in the unlikely event of an ancient Celt having a digital camera, the photo he would have taken would have looked pretty much the same as the one you took… if that’s not too weird a thought.

  2. Tim Doleman says:

    Superb photos but I believe the spelling is “dolmen”, alternatively known as a “cromlech”. Nevertheless, very fine work.

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