Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

To all we both hope you had a very Merry Christmas and wish you all the very best for the New Year. We hope you find all the joy and more from 2007 without any of the trying times and most of all we wish you some of the happiness we have experienced over the last year since we saw you last.I won’t get into a summary of the year today, that not due until next week, our one year anniversary, what I will do is recount some of the highlights we happened upon over our Christmas and New Year’s break.My birthday was the usual affair, almost with the usual suspects and certainly at a similar venue to previous years… despite my best efforts! (Ok scrub ‘my best efforts’ as they were lacklustre to say the least) Greg and Leisha from Dubai just happened to be in town and along with Dave and Sal met with Jane and I and Anya and Eric for the traditional, ‘mark his turning another year older breakfast’ Being London of course many of the preferred venues were closed Christmas eve (Monday) so a panic walk along upper street and Essex road found a suitable venue for the eight of us to sit and talk about me… Ok talk of me only lasted a few minutes until my mouth was full and the conversation turned to other people and things. Thanks guys for the presents and the effort, much appreciated. After breakfast and the ensuing barrage of children entering the venue we all retired to our place for a wonderful Jane cake! Semolina pear and lemon zest cake, continues to rock my world and the others also enjoyed it, even though it had been prepared the night before and refrigerated. Which was a good thing as they may not have left had they had it fresh like the ends we stole when it was just out of the oven. I like the cake! Conversation turned serious while arguments regarding child rearing and choice afflicted the room. I still declare that it is a choice to have a baby not an event forced on anyone by a higher being! Irrespective of whether there is government sponsored employer paid maternity leave.Jane and I had organised to stay at a friend’s vacated house on Christmas eve to minimise the anticipated wet morning  walk to Christmas lunch, however the hope that it would remain dry and the desire to wake Christmas morning in our own home was too strong. After an hour or two of sleep we awoke called you lot in Australia, or at least tried! Then when we awoke proper, with no screams of Santas been, Santas been, ahhhhhhhhhh (not sure if I liked that or not) to the most miserable wet dark morning we had experienced all week. After croissants and coco pops we ordered the taxi as there is no public transport in London on Christmas day. Except for Muslim and Jewish taxi drivers who charge 200 percent the going fare for that one special day!. Christmas lunch was spent with Greg and Leisha at Dave and Sal’s place. Again thanks guys for hosting Christmas. Apart from a little post lunch, skin irritations (thanks to ‘poppy the UNO Bomber’ and her arsenal of  party poppers aimed carefully at me while she lost at Uno… or did she win! If she did I want a recount, I was distracted) we had a great time. I was lucky enough to play Santa and Jane and I had found the perfect Santas hat. Black with a white fluffy band and end and  ‘ Bah Humbug’ scrawled across its front. It was very warm and I wore it all the way home on our 1:00 am walk. The taxis were now desperate as many would pull up behind or beside us and follow along hoping we would fall in and have to pay them more exorbitant fees. Suffer fellas, should have thought about the rip off earlier. You don’t celebrate so it’s not a special day for you so why charge like you are doing us a favour. Pthssss!We caught up with the gang on boxing day with a Family oriented ‘Jack the ripper’ tour of east London. We finally managed to all be in the right place at the right time. An interesting tour with many interesting facts or fantasy about who and why and why it has been covered up. I actually prefer the true case title of the ‘Whitechapel murders’ rather than the journalists ill informed but famed’ jack the ripper nomenclature. This was followed by a Tayabbs dinner and more cake and wine back at our place.The following days were spent lazing about catching up on sleep, doing the things we needed to do like organise a home phone and internet access. We now have a home phone, but at this stage BT haven’t managed to connect the internet. Rumours have suggested this could take 1-2 months due to BT being British and run by British peoples. I await to be surprised with a speedy turnaround but not all bodes well so far. ( I might actually give them a call now) 


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7 Responses to Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

  1. Hey Hey J & J.

    So where is everyone’s email with your new phone number?

    Just to let you know it’s going to be 40 tomorrow, and 41 on Firday. Take a layer of clothing off and think of the heat. Cheers.

    [email protected]

  2. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Juz, congratulations! You have obviously made a New Year’s Resolution to use perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation, and it shows! What’s more, it has not stifled the flow of wonderful Justin-type humour and alternative view of the world. But we all know how long NY resolutions last ….!

    Be thankful you are in cold and dark London, it’s 42 here in Adelaide (beat that Melbourne!). xx

  3. I’ll swap your day at 42 for our night at 30.

    [email protected]

  4. Gibbleton Mum says:

    Hmmmm – maybe not…….

  5. Greg Bond says:

    …and for the record, the UNObomber did win, with a stunning ‘cop-that 6 trillion points to you, you bastard husband who had been winning for the entire game’ final round! ….bless her.

    Stay well guys – it was great to see you both.

    Luv G & L.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jane & Justin,

    Just thought I’d drop a quick note, say hi, happy Christmas and NY and all that… Glad to hear all is going well (can you believe its been a year?) … have enjoyed the blog thus far… keeps my travel bug at bay whilst I slave away at my savings for any hope of future travel.

    Best wishes for a fabulous 2008!



    p.s. Is a perfect 33 degrees today…beuuutiful! : )

  7. Melbourne mum says:

    Oh Juz, full stops and commas and everything. Wow. I only needed to read it once and how I enjoy reading your entries. We all missed you both over Christmas. Can’t remember a Christmas when we didn’t get to see you. I think this mother needs to get on a plane S O O N!

    Love, mum

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