Mum don’t worry…These things are perfectly safe

No body died! Its Ok
I can’t believe I had that conversation, I was 100 percent confident that nothing as exciting as a plane crash would occur at an event we were at, In fact typically I was 110 percent confident. But It happened, despite my assurities to mum, who warned of euro-airshow-deathtraps, 2 incidents and 3 damaged planes and one bail out. firstly a tri plane topples upon landing onto its propellor and right wing, funny looking thing all upside down and awkward, missed that As I was consuming caravan Nachos with liquid cheese, yes thats right ‘liquid cheese’ and the crowd arose as one while us crash novices obliviously marvelled at liquid cheese…and cups of mushy peas.
As the Duxford Airshow was on sunday and the last day pof our odd british weekend away and the night before a week of job interviews, we thought it wise to join the homeward throng of incapable mergers home…missingth e grand finale of 20-30 WW2 warbirds taking to the sky ina series of flyby’s and a clipping of parts which led to one half wing na da mustang pilot abandoning the bird 100 meters from the ground as it spiralled to its crashy fate.
But I got a new job so leaving early was worth it, this takes my UK experience to 4 damaged or destroyed aircraft that I had some form of association with.
the night before this exiting day we drove from Chatsworth house to a service station days inn motel south of cambridge desperately searching for accommodation, whod have thought we woudl have difficulty on a 20 mile stretch of road, but wherever we stopped we were faced with no vacancies…apparently somehwere in the vacinity of the british GP there was to be no beds available, felt a bit like a modern day Joseph. I actually think some people drove further away from the GP that they lived just to get a room for the night. anyway that was a frustrating way to end a great day of strollingthrough the great Chatsworth house and gardens, Impressive stuff, pity it was all built on the back of the proletariate who toiled for generations to support a priveledged family…but hey I wont go there.
Before this day we had spent friday night in stratford upon avon, where the royal shakespere company have their headquarters, we went and saw captain picard…oh I mean Jean luke…OOps I mean Sir Patrick stewart play shylock in Marlowes merchant of venice. We also went about the town following the trail of shakespere, his life his loves and the birth room. Eeek
Three days away doing quintessential british things, shakespere, old grand houses and nerdy air shows. And the car didnt brake down either, I live to drive again.

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  1. So you spent a lot of time doing quintessential English things, except mastering the use of the language 😉

    So how’s the car going? What’s up with the new job?

    [email protected]

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