New Job

Having learnt from the last time I started a new Job nearly 4 years ago I will not spell the new offices name properly…But I now work for B/D/P British Des!!ign Prac–tice

That should confuse them, however like last time I have nothing nasty to report…on the new firm.
We (see what I did there) are a multi disciplinary office with structural and services engineers, interior designers, landscapers, and I think some others all under the one name and across 15 offices in Europe and Asia, though it’s the European Asia not real Asia.

I have been taken on board to bolster their Aviation department especially in Bids for BAA work which I am quite experienced and well regarded I gather.
They pay very well with an achievement of a nearly 30 percent remuneration improvement over the last place, and most importantly I don’t have to put up with the incompetents I came to know as…um…well incompetents, nor Do I have to put up with a certain someone’s taking credit for my work and effort
Well not yet anyway.

I’m still dealing with them in some ways as I have to keep reminding them of the obligation to provide a reference and an expenses cheque and P45 and statement of payout, which while I’m thinking of it thanks for the payout it was um…large best bonus I have had to date and having started work within a few weeks of leaving the timing was just right. But I still have their laptop and Phone so that can sit nicely at home till they deliver the outstanding items, and it will be interesting to see what they offer, in terms of a reference. Last correspondence I had suggested they were waiting on an associate to return from leave to tell them what jobs I had worked on, of course I had only worked with her for 8 weeks of 4 years so what was she able to add…I don’t know, but I’m sure it will go backwards and forwards a bit to get right as I’m sure they will forget most of the projects I have completed for them. I’m not bitter just angry that I put up with them for so long and had to endure the lying and of course that I had contributed hundreds of pounds to leaving presents only to get nothing upon my departure.

I have to say thanks though to many of my old colleagues who arranged a party at one of their places for me last weekend, Im guessing Im not that much a bastard after all.

We have booked our tickets for 4 days in Iceland chasing volcanoes and the northern lights and we have just booked our first ferry for our Scotland highlands and islands odyssey, that’s coming up
Anyway I’m obviously over this new CAD package malarkey this week, every word I type needs correction so

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  1. Sounds like a great move, well done. Best you write your refference for them, so it is much less effort for them to do, and that will mean that you get to mention all the projects you have worked on.

    Iceland will be AWESOME. Please make sure you take a good camera and learn how to take photos of the nothern lights. I want to see them!

    [email protected]

  2. Calinda says:

    Re: Riots
    Are you guys ok? Hope you didn’t get looted! Or worse…I hope you didn’t loot anyone!!!!

  3. flrpmaster says:

    Hey Juzzo,

    good luck in your new job!

    I too hope you didn’t get affected by the premature arrival of the torch relay for the 2012 Olympics. I was half expecting to see a smoldering suzuki swift sitting loooow among the debris..


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