No new baby!

its only days away, well its late, where is it Alex, stop keeping us in suspense, more stairs, try some raspberry leaf tea, I hear it works a treat. anyway good luckand Im sure it will be here any day.

so while that great news awaits Ill let you know what we have been doing…no news yet???
Ok us,
after a great christmas away in Wales, jane will add photos to a page soon, and add Morocco photos etc soon, keep checking back…anyhow, we have moved house, moved to bethnal green which is a bit further out and somewhat further around London from where we were, but only really 20 minutes walk from our old place. but its very different, trees, parks, and no river unfortunately for Jane but a carpark for me. check the pages later for photos of all the new things
Anyway still on the job hunt, really alot slower than I hoped and thought but have new small month long projects at work for new associates so not so bad at the moment, could probably put up with it. well see its still the airport though.

Teh new flat is great, has been a bit noisy for the first few weeks with student accommodation nearby being noisy but its calming down since the new term has got underway.
anyway no baby yet so Ill see-you-by

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