no news is good news…so they say

Well, it looks like Ill have to write the report after all, I was hoping redundancy would stand inthe way and aleviate my mind of the stress and duress for completing the design options report on the airport. Cause If they were firing me I was not finishing the 300+ page report, I certainly was not staying back late to write a mini doctorate onthe Options process and outcomes and pros or cons of certain architectural, structural and servicing manouveres.

But alas, and possibly as a result of the report not being finished I have kept my job, 28 didnt! A general rally by the troops otherwise known as clients and contractors may have saved my job when they lobbied the office to keep certain staff members who’s knowledge is valuable to the project. I may have been on the chopping block until this point, I might not…not sure I want to know but perhaps I should ask… Ill think about that one.

But now we have to worry about Janes job, unfortunately the client has puleld the plug and put her project on an indefinate hold, which, as jane thinks puts her inthe firing line for redundancy. Of course wiggies no master planner (ie not verry good at forward thinking), or much the manager (ie not much a manager!) so Janes future there may come as a complete surprise. She shoudl be OK no matter what happens as there is work for people like her, and it might give Jane the oppertunity to persue other intrests or options.

Now for the good news. We are coming home to visit! In February. We will be in melbourne between the 2nd and 11th of Feb and the 12th -22nd we will be In Adelaide. So on Saturday the 7th please come to Mum and Dads (in melbourne for those in melbourne) for a soiree. Please RSVP here, We will try and see you all individually over the week.

For those in Adelaide we are yet to work a time out but it will probably be Saturday the 14th or sunday the 15th at a city pub or similar.

We will confirm timing and location a little later.



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3 Responses to no news is good news…so they say

  1. Congrats on keeping your job. Fingers crossed for Jane.

    Feb huh? I’ll put in a call to have a heat wave ready for you when you arrive. I’ll see if I can get another one for when you are in SA.

    The Winders will be there. You have been warned.

    [email protected]

  2. genevieve Monk says:

    Hey, what fabulous news. The dates are in my diary already.
    lots of love, Ebo

  3. moylee says:

    Definitely let us know when your in little old Adelaide. Gotta catch up, check out the house & cars.

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