Oh what have I Done, and isnt she great!

This could turn out to be my worst decision, but I hope not.

As some of you may know late last year I was approached by an agent for a competing Architectural firm to try and convince me to work for them. The competition firm was aware of my work at Heathrow, through first hand experiance and reputation. With the intial intent to gauge intrest, and gain leaverage I maintained communication, until which I was recently offered a 10K incentive and Associateship, transforming possibly into an Associate Directorship all being well within the year. They even had a brand new Airport buildingfor me to design. Problem was is that just didnt feel right, my gut instinct suggested staying was for me…And thats what I have done. I came to London to have a go at the bigtime, and I turned it down! AHHHHH. At first I though these negative gut feelings were fear of the commitment and expectation, however, due to the approaching firms delay in getting a correct offer in a timely manner to me I had time to reflect and determine the right course for us. Grimmies offers a larger variety of work. After speaking candidly with my director, Im aware I dont have to stay on the airport for ever, the aim is to get some Railway work towards the end of 2009 after the Heathrow design has ended. Perhaps even progress onto an associateship, which was a possibility raised at the recent AGM, but the rules dictate that I must be there at least 2 years before I am eligible. Of course my director may have just been blowing wind in the right direction but it feels nice to hear, as remote as it may be.

So I have oficcially knocked back a 120k AUD a year job back with Authority and control to stay in a 80K job as a nobody…AHHHHH

However no need to fret, the great news is we got a substantial financial and professional boost last week. Jane has secured a job with DCM ( an Australian firm , whos name will jnot be used hear for the same reason grimmies is never spelt correctly) It looks like a great oppertunity as Jane has been employed as an environmental expert and an interesting array of work is ahead of her. She starts May 1 and is very excited.

 Anyway, apart from these going ons there hasnt been much else going on. We look forward to catching up with elisabeth when she arrives next week and Melinda again a week later.


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2 Responses to Oh what have I Done, and isnt she great!

  1. moylee says:

    Well done to you both, although JP you haven’t taken the job, recognition is just as good. Also remember with more money, control etc comes responsibility, something that the money might not cover in stress and worry at times. Sometimes its good to be comfortable and “less” paid than stressed and well paid.

  2. Well done to both of you. To get a job and a pay rise when they have been getting rid of people must mean you two are [email protected]#$ing good at what you do 🙂

    [email protected]

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