Our pleasure zone


The playland of the great unwashed. Well thats what queen Victoria the prude thought. Having moved into King Georges (or someone whos king father once went mad… see the film) folley by the seaside she complained that the locals and with the advent of locomotive motion the holidaying and day tripping londoners were all too close their prying eyes and aufactory delights were just too much. so she sold it to the council of brighton, moved all the furniture and hangings and carpets to her various other palaces and ignored her husband Albert in defacing such a fine palace such as the Royal pleasure palace. Successive monarchs have offered the furiniture etc back to the council who has renovated parts of the palace numerous times over the years through need and bad planning.

Our day started early for us last sunday. Up with the lazy birds and ont tyhe train. a quick 2 hour, one hour trip and frustration had set in. how can our train be so slow when those on adjacent lines speed past at mach ahhhh compared to our snail annoying pace. (there were snails behind us getting annoyed as they coudnt get past… You know the addage. eooey gooey was a…snail????? anyhoo. we arrived and set for the beach.

Hahahhahhahhahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahhahahahhahhahahhaha. the beach!

Look at the photos. http://www.thelondonplan.com/?page_id=192 the sand was only three years old. in that it was so young it hadnt started to break down from the rocks that they are. Australian beaches are so old the rocks bashed themselves senseless so that they turned to the fine particles that constitute sand. Oh not here rocks, pebbles at best. pretty though but not sand. cant build castles as the angle of repose on a dry peddle is about 10 degree from horizontal. well I suppose you could make a castle but it would rival the pyramids in egypt for grandeur and size.

the water was clear though s there was no sand to muddy the waters as it were. though it was very salty, the sign of sea water close to overpopulated lands. phosphates, polution and sewerage all mixing in a disturbing way.

Once sand was not discovered we walked the foreshore gauking at tyhe Englishers stripped to not enough clothing soaking up the rays of some glowing orb in the sky. If anyone can tell me what this orange sphere which appears to emmit heat and light is pleqase let me know. If nobody has claimed it im may declare it mine and name it after myself. I shall call it son in honour of me and my father!.

lunch beaconed or did it becon, either way it called and we found ourselves traversing the southern part of the city searching for family and friends… the vegetarian restraunt. Hmmm yummy it was, I had food, jane may fill you all in on what it was, she remembers that sort of thing. Afterwards we visited the aformentioned in the whole part the pleasure palace whos pleasure must have been all its as it was gaudy. Fake bamboos carved from the finest oaks and painted to look like the chinese weed. it was the fashion of the time, early 18th century to follow an asian (middle eastern, indian) theme, Indian by our understanding and chinese, japaneese interior. some nice spaces if you can ignore the decor and concentrate on the ambiance.

Then onto the pleasure pier. Past 1001 motorcycles from all over the south east on the Uk on a fundrasing ride. everything from customs to pre world war putters. some loverly things to behold. Then onto the Pier itself, but not before a sugar hit in the form of donuts and cola… ohhh donuts, fresh sugary goodness and so fluffy and light………… I digress. Anne claimed she really enjoyed the pier, im guessing it has changed a bit since you were last there, I hope. cheap fun park on a rickety bridge is what it is, dont drop a cigarett or ethe whole lot will burn down in 2 minutes like the remains of its sister bear testament 500 meters down the coast. pree and recent teeens with candy floss and stomachs wobbling through and under there too tight t-shirts. tghen they board the most disturbingly unstable thrill giver rides which spin them, turn them and try and scare them to death dangling them over the ocean and then release them, giddy with the effects of sugar having been pushed into their brains throug gravity and rotational forces, into the clutches of skill testers and poker machines thinly disguised as entertainment. All go away happy from a sugar and adrenaline cocktail euphoria, except Jane who couldnt stand the idea of so many sheep having fun… what’s wrong with her. Ill let her fill you in on her feelings on this one.

It is now wednesday, still havent heard back about the few jobs Ive applied for. So this weekend Ill hit the job market seriously. We are expecting Richard franko from the united states of America to visit on Sunday for possibly the afternoon. before his presentation to Bed Zed on monday. We look forward to meeting again with Richard as its nice to hear about architecture on the other side of the pond as they say. Not sure who they are but it is said!

Apart from our day tripping I have been busy laundering the sheets. We purchased new Muji brand bedwear for the duvets, pillows and matresses. Dave and Alex christened them and upon there first wash they turned into scrunchies. tightly folded, almost pleated panels of pillow cases. I may need to iron the bed sheets… itys not going to happen but i may need to do it! our other sheets have the nastiest pilling in history. A pill was so large the other night that it got caught in my throat as I snored myself threough the night  and I damn near choked on a cotton fluff ball from my own sheets. Either that or jane disguised a sock and tried to stop my snoring.. but ill discount that theory as shee seems quite happy at the moment. a day trip, visits from relatives and shes not sick anymore. well Im not convinced but she claims to be in good general health.

Dave and Alex returned for a couple of days on their return from the coast and edinburgh. They seem to be enjoying their time however after another few weeks they will be museumed out. They may need to become thrill seakers in order to have things to do if they cant stand  any more museums and tourist attractions. I was great to have them stay with us, giving credence to our decision to purchase the new mattress and store th eold so that when they arrived and stayed they did so with some sort of comfort. Well again thats what they told us, I did sleep one night on it on the floor and it was Ok but it would have been better than being in our room with no air movement that night. I was so distressed with the lack of air and heat that I had to leave. Jane was fine and revelled in a bed to herself. I must be getting weak. While here dave and alex experienced the London Tube strike. 3 days of hell really. Monday the strike was announced that at 6: 00pm the trains would stop. I raced to janes work that night and the bus trip was Ok, I rode the next day and the traffic was very busy but calm. The next day was shear craziness. The Londoners who tried alternatives yesterday gave up and drove or rode their bikes. Neither of which the do often enough and it showed. Cyclist on rusty junk getting inthe way and so many cars they almost opened sidewalks to free the congestion. Needless to say I scootered to work with one foot on the ground pushing past cars and busses too close to the curb to ride by or between cars pointing in all sorts of directions. It took twice as long and I wore out a cleat on the pavement. London soidewalks are shoe destroying. My new boots previously refered too in earlier posts have three holes in the soles. Not all the way through but will need repair to the lower sole. And other I have spoken too claim the pavements to be extra hard and nasty. But thats all i have to say about that.

Anyway back to the grindstone, Im sitting in the office wher as I should be at the consultants meeting, but as Im a draughtsman and not the project architect they claim i am im stuck here drawing pictures of crap buildings that nobody will look at before they say it doesnt work and get the good designer to redesign it with kitchens with no windows or possibility for windows as they are inner rooms and beds that dont fit in rooms. He actually scaled the bed to fit so it looked like it worked. He ended up with tree less habitable rooms across the floor plan and its just crap. I hate this place.


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2 Responses to Our pleasure zone

  1. Good to hear you are getting out and about, as all tourists should.

    The ‘beach’ sounds, um, interesting. At least you don’t have to worry about get some jock trying to kick sand in your face, they might stub a toe.

    Interesting take on the amusement park. Did you find one of those Zoltar machines and wish you were big? 😉

    Good luck on the job front, sounds like you need to get the hell outta there. Sandown 500 this weekend, I got tickets from the boys. Tickets as in they game me 3 tickets, 1 adult and 2 juniors. If you get it on TV over there, look for us. We will wave!

    [email protected]

  2. damn it! there I go again. Proof reading after I submit. game = gave. Sometimes I think the section of my brain that thinks of words just stops talking to the section that controls my fingers while typing and they just have to make stuff up half way through a few words.

    [email protected]

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