photo updates

Signage in our internet place Our local park Tower House - our place!

Highlights from East London!

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  1. max's dad says:

    you are a very, very angry man Mr Payne………….

    your obscure take on the every day goings on of a strange and wonderful culture seems to have you frothing at the mouth wherever and whenever you feel the need. gooz-frabba my freind, gooz-frabba……..

  2. Gaz says:

    I was crossing the road a few months back and a bus wanted to run me down. He also believed that he didn’t have to give way when leaving a carriage way, so I too punched said bus window. The drive got all shitty at me so I punched it again.

    Then only weeks ago I had a taxi at work think that he also didn’t have to give way to traffic on the road, and that traffic coming out of a drive way had right of way. He wanted to punch me though as I jotted his number down to complain to his employer, which he didn’t like much. But I wish he had tried, it would have been nice to practice a few side kicks on a live target.

    Anyway, goes to show you that if you pay someone to drive around the public, they seem to think that anyone that is not paying is somehow a lesser member of the public and therefore devoide of the rights of those that pay.

    Geez, it must be an Aussie thing. Expecting people to giveway to pedestrians, you know, obeying the law and stuff 😉

    As for the dog poo, I guess they don’t have too many rubbish bins over there for people to clean up after thier dogs etc, thanks to the IRA. If I had to be injured in a bomd blast, the last thing I’d wnat is to be injured and covered in dog poo.

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